Mon 4 November [Weekly Primestock Report]

Weekly Primestock Report

Sale Date: Mon 4 November

Lanark: Lawrie & Symington Ltd sold 8 Dairy Cattle, 30 Prime Cattle, 103 Cast Cows, 2637 Prime Sheep and 1076 Cast Sheep at their weekly sale on 4th November 2013.

Dairy Cattle (8) averaged £1,470 a rise of £150 on the fortnight. Top £1,780 for a Ho hfr from D. Laird, Murrays Farm, Pathhead.

Prime Cattle;  A Top price of 275p per kg was realised for a 675kg Lim hfr from David Dickinson, Brockwoodlees, Canonbie and was purchased by J. & H. Cairns Butchers, Law. Butchers Cattle sold to average 261p per kg.

Lim blks – (heavy) Howburn 264p, Brockwoodlees 264p, Westtown 225p. BB – High Crewburn 219p. AA – High Crewburn 214p, Blackbog 213p.

Lim hfrs – (heavy) Brockwoodlees 275p, Howburn 268p (light) Brockwoodlees 270p. BB – Brockwoodlees 271p. Sim – Westmains 249p.


Cast cows; Beef cows; (50) averaged 102p per kg and sold to 130p for a 628kg Lim from A. G. Dempster, Castlehill, Thundergarth and sold to £975 for a 912kg for a Wp blk from High Parks, Hamilton.

Dairy Cows; (39) averaged 78p per kg and sold to 105p or £825 for a 794kg Ho from R. Wilson & Sons, Littlegill, Auchenheath.

Otm; (9) averaged 104p per kg and sold to 185p or £1,345 for a 726kg Char hfr from J. Wight & Sons, Midlock, Crawford.

Bulls; (4) averaged 102p per kg and sold to 116p per kg for a 930kg Ho from J. & T. Parkin, Daviesdyke, Newmains and to £1,135 for an 1,196kg Sm from R. McCarlie Jnr, East Hassockriggs, Harthill.

Leading Prices per Head; Beef – High Parks (Wp) £975, Lochurd (Smx) £955, Townhead (Lim) £915, Anston (Smo) £895, High Parks (Wp) £885, Anston (Smo) £875. Dairy – Littlegill (Ho) £825, Rosneath (Hf) £805, Grangehall (Ho) £785, Rosneath (Hf) £765, Byretown (Ho) £735, Hillhead (Hf) £725. Otm – Midlock (Ch) £1,345, Westtown (Hf) £955, South Gilmerton (Hf) £935.

Leading prices per kg – Beef – Castlehill (Lim) 130p, Lochurd (Smx) 129p, Cormiston Towers (Smx) 127p, Cormiston Towers (Smx) 124p, Scrogton (Lim) 123p, Scrogton (Lim) 123p. Dairy – Littlegill (Ho) 105p, Rosneath (Hf) 104p, Rosneath (Hf) 99p, South Gilmerton (Hf) 98p, Littlegill (Ho) 97p, Byretown (Ho) 97p. Otm – Midlock (Ch) 185p, Westtown (Hf) 140p, South Gilmerton (Hf) 130p.

Prime and Cast Sheep; (3713) New Season Lambs (2637) averaged 173.7p per kg and sold to 270.2p per kg for 47kg Bel from A. Donald, Harestanes, Blyth Bridge and to £127 gross for 47kg Bel from . Donald, Harestanes, Blyth Bridge.

39 Light Lambs (25-32kgs) averaged 166p per kg to a top of 169.4p per kg for a Blackface from J. B. Pate, Toxside, Gorebridge. B. Face - £52.50 Toxside, £51 Culterallers.

371 Medium Lambs (32.1-39kgs) averaged 173.5p per kg to a top of 210.5p per kg for a Bel from A. Leggate, Stramolloch, Chapelton. Tex - £74 Langside, £73 Scrogton, £72 Drumbuie, £71.50 Auldtown. Bel - £80 Stramolloch, £75 Haswellsykes, £70 Muirhouse. Suff - £69 Kilnside. Chev - £73 Threestanes, £71.50 Muirhouse. B. Face - £69.50 Toxside.

1606 Standard Lambs (39.1-45kgs) averaged 177.4p per kg and sold to a top of 215.6p per kg for a Bel from High Park Farms, Hamilton. Tex - £90 Drumbuie, £89.50 & £88 Hillend, £88 Headsmuir, £87 Rutherend. Bel - £97 High Parks, £93.50 Harestanes, £90 Calla, £89.50 Collielaw. Suff - £77 Lochurd, £77 Eastshield, £76 Blackburn, £76 Whinbush. Chev - £80 St Johns Kirk, £76.50 Muirhouse, £76.50 Kinnox. Char - £77 Langside, £76.50 Normangill. S. Mule - £74 Burnbrae, £73.50 Knocknaib, £72 Kirkton of Crawford. B. Face - £65.50 Kirkton of Crawford.

522 Heavy Lambs (45.1-52kgs) averaged 166.5p per kg Top 270.2p per kg for a Bel from A. Donald, Harestanes, Blyth Bridge. Tex - £89 Over Kypeside, £87 Hillend, £86.50 Rutherend. Bel - £127 & £110 Harestanes, £92 & £90 North Boig, £90 Haswellsykes. Suff - £86 Netherurd Mains, £85.50 Carwood, £85 Greenwall. Chev - £77 St Johns Kirk. S. Mule - £75 Ashmark. B. Face - £74.50 Crosswoodhill. Mill Bleu - £89 Calla.

39 Super Lambs (52.1+) averaged 152p per kg to 165.7p per kg for a Tex from F. W. Dickie, Rutherend, Chapelton. Tex - £89.50 & £89 Rutherend, £88 East Shawtonhill. Hampshire - £83 Holehouse.