Wed 21 December [Wednesday 21st December]

Wednesday 21st December

Sale Date: Wed 21 December

Christmas sale of pulled, oven ready Birds

Lawrie and Symington held their annual Christmas sale of pulled  oven ready turkeys, geese, ducks , pheasants , partridge and chickens. The sale had 321 birds forward.

A smaller entry on the year sale. A brisk demand resulting in some of the dearest rates seen at this event. The sale was topped by a oven ready turkey at 8.3kg from JB Currie, Haswellsykes, Peebles which realised £122 (14.77kg) with the sane averaging £5.55 per Kg for both oven ready and pulled birds

Principle prices –

Oven ready turkeys averaged 6.71pp/kg  - £122, £102, £98 Haswellsykes, £95, £90 Kilnhills, £72 Crawcraigs, Craigthron,  £65 Woodend Park.

Pulled turkeys averaged 3.66pp/kg - £60, £55 Crawcraigs

Pulled goose  - £28 Victory cottage

Oven ready duck - £13 Forrestfield

Brace of pheasant - £12 Haswellsykes, £11 2 Coats.

Brace of partridge - £9 2 Coats.