Tue 8 March [Tuesday 8th March ]

Tuesday 8th March

Sale Date: Tue 8 March

Store Cattle 8th March 2016

The firm had forward 1218 cattle at their March show and sale at Lanark on Tuesday. Buyers had gathered from a wide radius and trade was brisk throughout the sale. The judge Mr Craig Malone, Pitcairn, Cardenden, Awarded the championship to a Limousin x Hfr from Messrs T Laird, Sunnyside/Carbello selling for £1130 to Messers W Dandie & Sons, Learielaw. The Reserve champion went to an Angus X Hfr from Stobo Home Farm and sold for £1000 to the judge. The days top price was £1330 for an outstanding Limousin X Hfr from Buteland Farms. Highest priced per Kg for Hfrs was 269.6p for British Blue Crosses From Messrs Cockburn, Kingside, Leadburn. Best price bullock was £1300 for a Li X from Carmichael Estates, Biggar. Top bullocks per kilo were limousin crosses from Hugh Dunlop, Holehouse, Ochiltree which made 287.7p/kg

Overall - 727 Bullocks averaged £946.69 (424kg) or 227.5p/kg

                 459 Heifers averaged £872.39 (406kg) or 215.1p/kg

                32 Dairy Bred Averaged £839.17 (565kg) or 147.3p/kg

Other top prices

Blks Per head

Lim - £1300 Carmichael Estate, £1260 Greenshields, £1250 Greenshields, £1240 Buteland.

Char - £1170 Holehouse, £1170 Crofthills, £1160 Dreva, £1130 Wellburn.

Sim - £1160 Bogside, £1160 Tinto View, £1150 Bogside, £1140 Wellburn.

BRB - £1180 Hartside, £1160 Allanton, £1160 Lochurd, £1150 Biggarshiels Mains

AA - £1160 Stobo Home Farm, £1110 Stobo Home Farm, £1090 Lammerlaw, £1070 Newbiggingmill

Sho - £1200 Greenshields, £1120 Greenshields, £1050 Shaws, £1040 Sornfallow

Blks Per KG

Lim – 287.7p Holehouse, 268.4p Kingside, 267.2p Holehouse, 266.3p Holehouse

Char – 270.5p Dreva, 260.9p Dykehead, 259.4p South Mains, 256.6p Holehouse

Sim – 241.8p Laigh Carnduff, 233.1p Silvermuir, 232.8p Silvermuir, 227p Palaceknowe

BEB – 238.6p Allanton, 232.5p Kingside, 228.7p Buteland, 224.3p Hartside

AA – 239p Drumboy, 229.2p Hills of Dalserf, 222.8p Spango, 222.2p Ingraston

Sho – 221.3p Spango, 220.6p Greenshields, 218.3p Newlands, 215p Hillend

Hfrs per head

Lim - £1330 Buteland, £1170 Biggarshiels Mains, £1150 Bogside, £1140 Bankhead

Char - £1080 Crofthills, £1030 Crofthills, £1000 Crofthills, £1000 Crofthills.

Sim - £1080 Tinto View, £1070 Bogside, £1050 Tinto View, £1010 Lochurd.

BRB - £1210 Hartside, £1120 West Quarter, £1100 Kingside, £1020 Biggarshiels Mains

AA - £1080 Sornfallow, £1040 Lammermuir, £1000 Stobo Home Farm, £990 Lammerlaw

Sho - £800 Newlands Farm, £740 Newlands Farm, £690 Spango.

Hfrs per KG

Lim - 268.2p Buteland, 266.5p Carbello, 259p Holehouse, 258.5p Laigh Carnduff

Char – 239.5p Scrogton, 263.5p Laigh Carnduff, 263.2p Dykehead, 233p Laidlawsteel

Sim – 221.6p Silvermuir, 219.5p Laigh Carnduff, 212.8p Hartside, 216.2p West Quarter,205.1p Biggarshiels Mains

AA – 250p Stobo Home Farm, 230.4p Stobo Home Farm, 211.8p Dyke, 205.9p Spango

Sho – 212.6p Newlands, 208.3p Newlands Farm, 204.1p Spango.

Store sheep

Also forward were 178 store Hoggets selling to a top of £77.50 for a pen of 9 Texel X Lambs from Mr Mccormick, Gair Farm.

Tex - £66 Gair

BF - £56 Gair

Cross - £49.50 South Kirkton Moor

Zwa - £49 Campton