Tue 4 October [Tuesday 4th October]

Tuesday 4th October

Sale Date: Tue 4 October

Tuesday 4th October

Lawrie and Symington sold 1690 store cattle at the show and sale on Tuesday. At the show which was kindly sponsored by the Royal Bank of Scotland and Judged by Mr J Taylor, Easter Ochtermuthill by Crieff the champion was awarded to a British Blue Blk from Messrs A & CS Comrie, Stonebyres Mains, Kirkfieldbank, Lanark. The Bullock scaled 466Kg and sold for £1270 to the Judge. The reserve Champion also a British Blue Blk from Messer Laird, Sunnyside/Carbello scaled 486Kg and realised £1240

Overall 938 BLks Averaged 213p/kg or £1028, 752 Hfrs Averaged 206.3p/kg or £930.83

The days top priced bullock was £1360 for a Limousin X From Peebles Young Farmers. Highest Price per kg was 275.8 for a pen of Limousin Crosses from Messrs T Laird & Son, Sunnyside/Carbello. Top Heifer was £1600 for a British Blue X from Messrs J Hyslop & Son, Netherton, Abington. At 278.1p/kg Messrs T Laird & Son, Sunnyside, Carbello also had the highest price per Kg Heifers.

Blks Per Head

Char - £1320, £1280 Peebles Young Farmers, £1240 Hazelside/Newtonhead, £1200x2 Dreva, £1200 Lawhead, £1200 Holehouse, £1200 Robiesland.

Lim - £1360, £1300 Peebles Young Farmers, £1330 Hazelside/Newtonhead, £1240 Lochurd, £1230 Hartside Farms, £1230 Carbello/Sunnyside.

Sim - £1080 Parklea, £1030 Hazelside/Newtonhead, £1020 Wester Hassockrigg, £101 Carmacoup.

British Blue - £1280, £1210 Nether Abington, £1270 Stonebyres Mains, £1240 Sunnyside/Carbello, £1220 Peebles Young Farmers.

AA - £1150 Mossplatt, £1140 Gardrum, £1120 Cleughead, £1100 Hazelside/Newtonhead, £1100 Netherhill & Robiesland.

Native Breeds - £1070 Hazelside/Newtonhead, £1010 Netherhill, £1000x2 Wellheads, £990 Overburns Farm.

Blonde - £1070, £950 Overburns Farm

Blks Per KG

Char – 157.4p Cloverhill, 248p Dreva, 248p, 246p Greenfield, 245p Spango

Lim – 276p, 272p Carbello/Sunnyside, 261p Dreva, 259p Scrogton, 255p Kingside, 252p Greenbank

Sim – 214p, 219p Parklea, 216p Raws

British Blue – 273p Stonebyres Mains, 255p Carbello/Sunnyside, 234p Nether Abington, 226p Greenbank

AA – 219p Cleughead, 218p Robiesland, 217p Headsmuir

Native Breeds – 211p,209p Hazelside/Newtonhead, 201p Hills of Dalserf

Blonde – 238p Overburns Farm

Hfrs per Head

Char - £1100 Greenfield, £1090 Lawhead, £1070 Hazelside/Newtonhead, £1060 Netherhill

Lim - £1480, £1200 Allanton Farming, £1250 Greenshields, £1160 Hartside Farms, £1160 Tippethill

British Blue - £1600 Netherton, £1260 Allanton Farming, £1200, £1130, £1050 Nether Abington, £1090 Barr.

AA - £1190 Robiesland, £1180 Nether Abington, £1040, £100x2 Stobo Home Farm.

Hfrs Per KG

Char – 218p, 228p Greenfield, 219p Holehouse, 217p Hazelside/Newtonhead

Lim – 264p,256p, 278.1p Sunnyside/Carbello, 265p Greenshields, 255p Allanton Farming, 251p Kingside

British Blue – 269p Netherton, 268p Allanton Farming, 244p Stonebyres Mains.

AA – 230p Nether Abington, 201p Headsmuir, 200p Stobo Home Farm.