Tue 4 April [Tuesday 4th April Show and...]

Tuesday 4th April Show and sale of store cattle

Sale Date: Tue 4 April

Store Sale Tuesday 4th April 2017

Lawrie and Symington had a very good show of 1156 store cattle at it annual April show and sale a full ring side of buyers ensured a very good trade throughout. Winning the show was a British blue bullock from Messrs A & C Comrie, Stonebyres which later achieved £114 selling to the judge Mr J Paul, Ballingal who also purchased the reserve champion a British blue heifer from the same home.


694 Bullocks averaged 236.8ppkg or £948.65 with a top of 297.6ppkg for Lim from Craighead Mauchline or £1350 for a AA from Newbigging Mill.

408 Heifers averaged 228.4ppkg or £847.73 with a top of 270ookg for BRBX from Stonebyres or £1155 for Chx from Underlaw

54 Dairy bred averaged 161.7ppkg or £682.41 with a top of £900 for a HF from Couch Farm or 239.3ppkg for Mox from Gowmacmorran.

Other leading prices

Bullock Per head - £1350, £1315 (AA) Newbigging Mill, £1255 (AA) Hareshawhill, £1230 (LIM) Newbigging Mill, £1165 (CH) Crookboat, £1160 (CH) Townhead, £1160 (Lim) Bankhead, £1160 (Lim) Gair, £1145 (Lim) Underlaw, £1140 (BRB) Stonebyres, £1135 (Chx) Townhead, £1130 (Lim) Dreva, £1120 (Smx) Badenheath, £1110 (BRB) Sheddburn, £1110 (Chx)x2 Townhead.

Perk Kilo – 297.6p (Lim) Craighead, Mauchline, 284.1p (Lim) Woodlands, 273.3p (Lim) Gillbank, 270.1p (Lim) Craighead. 268.4p (Brb) Stonebyres, 266.4p (Brb) Kilwhipnach, 262.7p (Hex) Nether Culzean, 260.9p (Chx) Scrogton

Heifers Per head - £1155 (Chx) Underlaw, £1105 (Brb) South Flakefield, £1100 (Hex) Wellhead, £1090 (Mox) Cobblehaugh, £1090 (Lim)x2 Bankhead, £1080 (Lim) Drumalbin, £1080 (Lim) Netherton, £1080 (Brb) Stonebyres, £1060 (Lim) Cleugh, £1060 (Lim) Drumalbin, £1060 (Lim) Watsonhead, £1040 (Lim) Waterlands, £1030 (AA) Windyknowe, £1030 (Lim) Couch, £1030 (Brb) Carstairs Mains.

Per Kilo – 270p (Brb) Stonebyres, 264.2p (Lim) Southmains, 262.5p (Lim) Scrogton, 260.9p (Lim) Woodlands, 260.4p (Brb) Clydesdale, 253.9p (Lim) Sunnyside, 253.9p (Lim) Woodlands, 252.8p (Lim) Headsmuir, 252.5p (Brb) Carstairs mains, 248.7p (Lim)South Mains, 246.2p (Lim) Woodlands, 246p (Lim) South Stane, 244.1p (Smx) Craighead, 243.8p (CH) Scrogton, 243.4p (Chx) Logan, 243.2p(Shx) Scrogton.