Tue 30 May [Tuesday 30th May 2017 Store...]

Tuesday 30th May 2017 Store Sale

Sale Date: Tue 30 May

Store Sale 30th May 2017

Lawrie & Symington Ltd had forward 280 Store & Breeding Cattle, Bullocks sold to 311p per kilo to average 238.7p. Heifers sold to 282.8p per kilo to average 233.9p, Dairy Bred Bullock averaged 163.5p per kilo.

Blk per Head: Shorthorn £1370 Shaws, £1170 Shaws, Lim x £1270 Cornhill, £1150 Over Kypeside, Sim £1130, £1110 Yondercroft. AA £1100 Over Kypeside, Nor X £1070 Hartfield, Fri £865 Parklea, £800 Over Kypeside.

Blk per Kilo: Sim 311p, 304p Skipness, Lim 278p Back Hareshaw, 275p West Carnduff, Char 273p West Carnduff.

Hfr per head: Lim £1380 Gillbank, £1250 Westerhouse, £1250 Sandilands, AA £1160 Cornhill, £1130 Tinto View, Sim £1130 Eden Grove, BB £1080 Dillars, Shorthorn £1120 Eden Grove.

Hfrs per kilo: Sim 282p, 272p Skipness, Lim 253p Gair, Shorthorn 265p, 262p Skipness.

Breeding Cattle: BB Cow & Calf £1720, £1550 Wolfcrooks, Lim Cow & Calf £1280 Auchengray.

Feeding Cows:  Sim £820 Skipness, per Kilo 141p, 139p Skipness.

Breeding Sheep

93 Breeding Sheep met a very strong trade.

Scotch Mule with singles £181 Sunnyside, Texel x Gimmers with Twins £199 & £191 Howes Way, £176 Meadowside. Texel x Gimmers with Single £139 Meadowside, Texel Ewes with Twins £195 Howes Way, £151 Lonsdale, £149 Goodockhill. Blackface Ewes with Twins £164 Highfield, Blackface Ewes with Singles £103 Highfield.