Tue 2 May [TUESDAY 2ND MAY - STORE...]


Sale Date: Tue 2 May

Lawrie & Symington Ltd had a fantastic show of 1796 Store Cattle with all classes maintaining recent high rates. A top price of £1270 was achieved for a 562kg Lim Blk from Biggarshiels Mains or 307.5p per kg for 322kg Lim Hfrs from Kilwhipnach. Overall: 950 Bullocks averaged 230.4p per kg / £925.09. 722 Heifers averaged 227.3p per kg / £841.72. 124 Dairy Bred averaged 161.4p per kg / £706.07. Other leading prices: Bullocks: Charolais: £1180 Crosswoodhill, £1180 Townhead, £1140 Mid Shawtonhill, 284.4p, 279.7p, 277.1p Scrogton. Limousin: £1270 Biggarshiels, £1270 Highlawside, £1255 Biggarshiels, 293.5p, 291.2p, 286.6p Lochlyoch. Simmental: £1225 Yondercroft, £1190 Davieston, £1160 Yondercroft, 253p Skerrington Mains, 250p Thorneyhills, 250p Netherfauld House. British Blue: £1140 Biggarshiels, £1140 Prettsmill, £1060 Dykehead, 257.8p Stonebyres, 255.6p Newhouse, 238.2p Walkerdyke.  Aberdeen Angus: £1170 Crofthills, £1110 Scotstounbank, £1110 Lammerlaw, 268.4p Thripland, 268.3p Bagmoors, 254.8p Hills of Dalserf. Any other Breed: £1090 (Luing) Upper Muirhouse, £1050 (Shorthorn) Newbigging Mill, £1020 (Shorthorn) Muldron. 275p (Shorthorn) Birkenhead, 2714p (Blonde) South Brownhill, 267.3 (Blonde) South Brownhill.

Heifers: Charolais: £1180 Townhead, £1160 Crofthills, £1100 Dovecot, 260.9p Glenrath, 256.9p South Mains, 256.5p Hills of Dalserf. Limousin: £1260 Powflats, £1200 Mafflat, £1200 Tippethill, 307.5p Kilwhipnach, 293.9 Lochlyoch, 282.3p Lochlyoch. Simmental: £1250 Davieston, £1210 Westmains, £1180 Upper Muirhouse, 248.3 Netherfauldhouse, 237p Upper Muirhouse, 234.4p Netherfauld House. British Blue: £1100 Dykehead, £1090 Townend, £1040 Townend, 271.7p Ballagan, 237p Kilwhipnach, 218.2p Hillridge. Aberdeen Angus: £1070 Lammerlaw, £940 Tinto View, £940 Carmacoup, 231.3p Thripland, 229.3p Lindenlea, 225.7p Lammerlaw.

Any other breed: £940 (Blonde) South Brownhill, £890 (Luing) Dunsyre Mains, £865 (Shorthorn) Anston, 258 (Blonde) South Brownhill, 256.4p (Blonde) South Brownhill, 254.9p (Blonde) South Brownhill.



Store Sheep

Lawrie and Symington Ltd sold 179 Ewes with Lambs at Foot & Hoggs with lambs at foot at their opening sale. The Sale was topped at £166 for Tex Ewes with twin lambs at foot from Thomson, Bordlands Farm. Leading Prices: Hoggs with Singles Tex £159 Newton of Wiston, SM £155 Newton of Wiston, Ewes with Singles: Tex £114 Newmill, Cont £109 Goodockhill, Mules £98 Humbie. Ewes with twins: Tex £166 Bordlands, Tex x £162 Windyedge, Sx £160 Howes Way, Cont £160 Howes Way, Cont x £156 Howes Way, SM £155 Skirling Mains, Chev £151 Skirling Mains, Cross £150 Felton.