Tue 28 April [Show and Sale of Store Cattle]

Show and Sale of Store Cattle

Sale Date: Tue 28 April

Show and Sale of Store Cattle 28th April 2015

The Firm had forward 1257 store cattle at their fortnightly sale at Lanark. A large ringside of buyers from a wide radius were present and a sound trade prevailed

601 Continental Blks averaged 240.9p/kg or £980.70 av 409kg

422 Continental Hfrs averaged 228p/kg or £878 av 386kg

108 Native bred Blks averaged 218p/kg or £941 av 432kg

61 Native bred Hfrs averaged 207p/kg or £830 av 401kg

65 Dairy bred Blks averaged 165p/kg or £717.85 av 435kg

Top prices out with young farmers rally calves

Top Prices per head


Lim - £1180, £1300 Carbello, £1220 Couch, £1200 Hamildean, £1165, £1160 Tippethill

Char - £1270 Wester Walston, £1225, £1180, £1170, £1160 Dreva, £1160 Townhead, £1150 Dunsyre Mains

AA - £1240, £1140 Walesley, £1130 Hareshawhill, £1110 x 2 Newbigging Mill, £1090 The Thistle

Sim - £1140, £1130 South Slipperfield, £1130, £1040, £1030 Clydeside, £1105 Gair, £1010 The Moy

Sal - £980 Drochil Castle, £685 Poldean

Hol - £980, £940, £860 Couch, £770 South Carnduff, £755 The Moy, £745 Over Kypeside

Mont - £940 Over Kypeside, £830 Hawksland


Lim - £1090 Couch, £1060 Townhead, £1020 Newbigging Mill, £1020 Kirkton of Crawford, £1020 Howford

Char - £1080, £100 Cleughead, £1080, 1030 Law, £1070 Hundleshope, £1005 Wester Hassockrigg

Sim - £990 the Law, £960 Craighead, £960 Hills of Dalserf, £950 Drochil Castle

AA - £1060 Walesley, £980 Lochlyoch, £970 The Thistle, £970 Lammerlaw

Sal - £830 Drochil Castle

Top Price per Kg


Lim – 284.6p Dunsyre Mains, 283.8p Carbello, 278.1p Lochlyoch, 269.6 Dreva

Char – 276.1p Scotstounbank, 271.6p Haswellsykes, 271p Dreva, 268.8p Poldean

AA – 245.6p, 243.9p Fallside, 241.5p, 242.9p Kittochside, 242.2p Lindenlea 240.6p Lammerlaw

Sim – 258.2p Palaceknowe, 252.7p Drochil Castle, 245.3p Clydeside, 242.7p South Slipperfield

Sal – 244.6p Poldean, 231.1p Drochil Castle

Hol – 171p, 185.6p East Hyndshawland, 168p, 175.9p Waterlands, 167.9p, 167.8p Couch, 167.6p Loanfoot

Mont – 208.5p Hawksland, 204.4p Over Kypeside


Lim – 263.7p Burnton, 257.9 Dunsyre Mains, 256.4p Townhead, 254.1p Lochlyoch, 252.5p Kirkton of Crawford

Char - 261p Dunsyre Mains, 246.1p Lawhead, 244.4p Scrogton, 240.9p Poldean

Sim – 234p High Bellochantuy, 231.7p, 230.8p Drochil Castle

AA – 236p Headsmuir, 235.4p, 223.3p Burnton, 218.1p Walesley

Sal – 213.9 Drochil Castle

The Lanarkshire association of young farmers had their calf rally competition and there were 24 cattle forward. The judge Mr David Dickinson, Brockwoodlees, Canonbie Commended the young farmers for the quality of stock on offer and the stockman ship involved in turning out the animals to such a high standard. The championship was awarded to Jamie Orr, Wester Walston from Biggar Young Farmers. The bullock “Code Blue” scaled 642kg and sold for £1350 to the judge.

The reserve champion was a British Blue heifer “Back to Black” shown by Jennifer Brown. Carluke Young Farmers and realised £1200 to W Dandie Learielaw


Other leading prices £1410 (Lim blk) “Real Deal” from Tom Linton, Biggar Young Farmers

£1395 (Lim blk) “Hugo Boss” from Robert Harvie, Lesmahagow Young Farmers

£1320 (Lim blk) “Black Diamond” From Tom Linton, Biggar Young Farmers

£1270 (Lim blk) “Burnhouse Thunderbolt” David Mitchell, Biggar Young Farmers

£1270 (Lim blk) “Krackatoea” Emma Orr, Biggar Young Farmers  


At our opening sale of Ewes, Gimmers and Hoggs with Lambs at foot Lawrie and Symington had forward 225 Head. Despite the bad weather a good ring of buyers were in attendance insuring a brisk trade prevailed for all classes.

Scotch mule gimmers & Twins £199, £192 Sunnyside

Texel, ewes with twins £192 Strawfrank, £182, £180 Dovecot, £172, £170 Sunnyside

Suff x Ewes With twins £198, £183 Sunnyside

Blackface Ewes with twins £79 Back Hareshaw

Texel x Ewes & Singles £123 Dovecot

Blackface Ewes & Singles £68 Back Hareshaw

Scotch Mule Hoggs & singles £160 Newton of Wiston

The company also sold Texel x Stock Ewes from Langholm

14 Ewes with 25 Lambs £169

10 Ewes with 16 Lambs £163

13 Ewes with 21 Lambs £168