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Tuesday 15th March Store Cattle Sale Report

Sale Date: Tue 15 May

Store Cattle Report 15th May 2018

Lawrie and Symington had 1203 cattle forward at their fortnightly sale. 632 Bullocks topped at £1315 from Birkhill Farm Lesmahagow and to 297p/kg from Buteland Farm, Balerno to average 234p/kg. 502 Heifers sold to a top of £1250 from Hillend Farm, Roberton and to 304p/kg from Mid Shawtonhill Farm, Chapelton to average 220p/kg. 69 Dairy Bred Cattle sold to a top of £885 for a British Friesian from Summerhouse, Avonbridge and to 229p/kg from Cobblehaugh Farm, Lanark to average 170p/kg.


Top price per head

250-300kg            £785 Millmoor, £780 Watermeetings, £775 Back Hareshaw.

301-350kg            £970 Greenbank, £890 Mid Shawtonhill, £880 Glenrath.

351-400kg            £1100 Buteland, £1085 Sunnyside, £1080 Kirkton of Crawford.

401-450kg            £1110 Buteland, £1110 Bickerton Hall, £1090 Townhead.

451-500kg            £1170 Northflatt, £1160 Nether Skellyhill, £1150 Wester Walston.

501-550kg            £1250 Lookaboutye, £1230 The Thistle, £1230 Daviesdykes, £1205 Lammerlaw.


551-600kg            £1315 Birkhill, £1220 Haininghead.


Top Price per kilo

250-300kg            277p Watermeetings, 275p Millmoor.

301-350kg            277p Greenbank, 268p Mid Shawtonhill, 264p Millmoor.

351-400kg            297p Buteland, 282p Greenbank, 281p Kirkton of Crawford.

401-450kg            275p Buteland, 260p Townhead, 259p Dreva.

451-500kg            244p The Thistle, 243p Buteland, 241p Wester Walston.

501-550kg            233p Lammerlaw, 233p Daviesdykes, 232p Glenrath.


551-600kg            228p Birkhill.









Top price per head

200-250kg            £450 Burnbrae.

251-300kg            £800 Cumberhead, £650 Millmoor.

301-350kg            £930 Mid Shawtonhill, £890 Sunnyside, £860 Mid Shawtonhill.

351-400kg            £990 Greenbank, £970 West Glespin, £960 Buteland.

401-450kg            £1090 Townhead, £1070 West Glespin, £1025 Kirkton of Crawford.

451-500kg            £1170 Elsrickle Mains.


501-550kg            £1250 Hillend, £1170 Bogside.


551-600kg            £1190 Lesserlinn.


600kg+                  £1240 Lesserlinn.


Top price per kilo


200-250kg            221p Burnbrae

251-300kg            267p Cumberhead, 243p Millmoor, 239p Back Hareshaw.

301-350kg            304p Mid Shawtonhill, 254p Sunnyside, 245p West Glespin.

351-400kg            259p West Glespin, 254p Buteland, 253p Greenbank.

401-450kg            252p Townhead, 249p West Glespin, 248p Townhead.

451-500kg            246p Elsrickle Mains, 219p Sandilands.


501-550kg            232p Hillend, 230p Davidston, 229p West Glespin.


551-600kg            205p Lesserlinn, 203p Huntlyhill.


600kg+                  205p Lesserlinn.



Dairy Bred


Top price per head


£885 Summerhouse, £860 Burnhead, £855 Mid Hartwood.

Top price per kilo


229p Cobblehaugh, 200p Burnhead, 185p Mossblown.