Tue 14 June [Tuesday 14th June 2016]

Tuesday 14th June 2016

Sale Date: Tue 14 June

Store Cattle Sale 14th June 2016

The firm had a small show of store cattle at their fortnightly sale and with a good attendance at ringside. Trade was pleasing for all categories of cattle. 54 Bullocks averaged 227.2pp/kg or £889.89, 33 Heifers averaged 217.2pp/kg or £881.52 or 14 Dairy bred Averaged 150.5pp/kg or £699.29. Top priced bullocks were British blue Crosses from Messrs. R M McCaskie, Cornhill Farm, Biggar which sold for £1140. Highest price per Kg was 255.1pp/kg for Limousin Crosses from Mr R Harvie, Mayfield, Coalburn. Best Heifer was £1140 for a Charolais Cross from Mr R Hamilton, Mid Shawtonhill. Top heifer per Kg was 250pp/kg from Messrs. AF & R Cruickshank, Little Kype, Strathaven.

Other Top Prices

BLks; Per Head Lim - £1070 Old Pentalnd, £960 Townfoot, Roberton, £950 Gair. Char - £1120 Watermeetings, £980 Mid Shawtonhill, £955 Dovecot. AA - £980, £970 Halmyre Mains, £930, £820 Bordlands. BSH - £1120 Shaws. HER - £1000 West Yet. NRB - £900 Hartfield

Per Kg; Lim – 227p, 225.1p Mayfield, 230.2p West Carnduff, 220p Waterlands. Char – 237p, 225p Mid Shawtonhill, 222p Watermeetings, 222p Dovecot. AA – 237p, 230.6p Bordlands, 230p Halmyre Mains.

HFRS; Per Head, Lim - £1000 Little Kype, £910 Cornhills, £900 Dovecot, Char - £1140, £990 Mid Shawtonhill, £1070, £960 Watermeetings. Sim - £900 Townfoot, £880 Dovecot. AA - £845 Halmyre Mains.

Per Kg –Lim – 250p Little Kype, 230p Mayfield, 228p West Carnduff. Char – 233p Dovecot, 222p, and 220p Mid Shawtonhill. Sim – 214p Dovecot. AA – 228p Halmyre Mains.