a 11 n [Tuesday 11th October]

Tuesday 11th October

Sale Date: a 11 n

Tuesday 11th October 2016

Lawrie and Symington had 919 head of cattle forward at their annual 2nd sale of suckled calves. All classes selling very well with younger, lighter weights selling exceptionally well. In the morning our pre-sale judge Mr A Steel, Craignathro selected his champion as a Limousin heifer  from Messrs T Laird & Son, Sunnyside/Cabello which later realised £1600/412.4pp/kg then the reserve champion a Limousin Bullock from the same home sold for £1160/299pp/kg special thanks must also go to the says sponsor country refreshments. Overall 488 Bullocks averaged 239.8pp/kg/ £896.75 (Down 0.3pp/kg on the year) 431 Heifers averaged 228.7pp/kg/ £820.76 (down 2.7pp/kg on the year)

Other leading prices. Bullocks Per head - £1200 (Ch) Glenrath/ Easter Harprew, £1180 (Lim) Tippethill, £1160 (Lim) Sunnyside/Cabello, £1150 (Ch) Laidlawsteel, £1140 (Ch) Townhead, £1130 (Ch) Glenrath/ Easter Harprew, £1120 (Brb) Barr, £1120 (Ch) Lightshaw, £1100 (Ch) Glenrath/ Easter Harprew, £1090 (Lim) Barr, £1090 (Lim) Lightshaw, £1080 (Brb) Barr £1080, £1070 (Lim) Allanton.

Per Kilo – 472.4p Glenrath/ Easter Harprew, 374.8p (Lim) Townhead, 372.6p (Ch) Townhead, 358.6p (Ch) Glenrath/ Easter Harprew, 347.8p (Lim) Townhead, 333.3p (Lim) Allanton, 318.8p (Lim) Sunnyside/Carbello,317.1p (Ch) Townhead, 316.2p (Lim) Dykehead, 306.1p (Ch) Lightshaw, 301.3p (Ch) Laidlawsteel, 299.3p (Ch) Lightshaw, 299p (Lim) Sunnyside/Carbello, 298.8p (Ch) Dykehead, 295.9p )Brb) Nether Abington( Miss K Blackwood), 295.3p (Lim) Sunnyside/Carbello

Heifers Per Head - £1600 (Lim) Sunnyside/Carbello, £1200 (Lim) Mid Auchengray, £1090 (Lim) Sunnyside/Carbello, £1080 (Sdx) Prettsmill, £1080 (AA) Hillhead, £1070 (Brb) Nether Abington, £1060 (Ch) Glenrath/ Easter Harprew, £1060 (Lim) Bickertonhall, £140 (Ch) Laidlawsteel, £1040 (Lim) (Ch) Laidlawsteel, £1040 (Lim) Tippethill, £1030 (AA) Hillhead, £1020 (Brb) Barr, £1020 (Lim) Allanton, £1000 (lim) Tippethill.

Per Kilo – 468.1p (Ch) Lawhead, Tarbrax, 412.4p (Lim) Sunnyside/Cabello, 378.2p (Lim) Hartside, 375p (Lim) Allanton, 360.3p (Lim) Hartside, 325.6p (Lim) Laigh Carnduff, 315.2p (Lim) Laigh Carnduff, 285.7p (Ch) Spango, 282.4p (Lim) Sunnyside/Cabello, 277.1p (Lim) High Bent, 275.2p (Ch) Lightshaw, 270.8p (Ch) Greenfield, 270.7p (Brb) Nethertown, 266.1p (Lim) Sunnyside/Carbello, 264.9p (Ch) Dykehead, 263.2p (Lim) Sunnyside/Carbello.