Thu 15 September [Thursday 15th Septmeber]

Thursday 15th Septmeber

Sale Date: Thu 15 September

Lawrie and Symington had a catalogued entry of 274 Texel Rams & Females at the annual Scottish Texel sheep breeder’s club show and sale. Top price on the day went to Mr. AJ Chisolm for a February born ram lamb Wester Moy Yankee a Knock Vantastic Son, he sold at 2400Gns to Mr. Jamie Gibson for his Heather Park flock.

Overall Averages

                                2016                                       2015                                       on the year

Shearlings           £551.78(20)                         £552.73(11)                         -£0.95 (+9)

Ram Lambs         £500.37(136)                      £483.37(216)                      +£17.00(-80)

Gimmers             £383.25(20)                         £491.09(31)                         -£107.84(-11)

Greenbank Gimmers Averaged £475.00 Top £600 Lot 247 To Nick Andrew

Swaites Gimmers Averaged £337.50 Top £550 Lot 269 to M & G Ballantyne

Other Leading Prices

Price (gns)           Lot                                                          Vender                                 Purchaser

1800                       21           Cambwell Wanderer      Messrs. T&A Laird            J Brown/ A Smellie

1800                       168         Cornmore Yaniv                                John Leitch                         James Shennan

1600                       94           Garngour Yakult               Messrs. T&H Clark           S Woodrow

1400                       164         Cornmore Yellowstone John Leitch                         J Meikle

1200                       37           Thinacre Yosemite           Mr Hugh Frame                Mrs S Henderson

1200                       134         Haddo Yaya                        William Knox                      Messrs. K&M Parker

1200                       170         Sorn Young Gun                               J Patterson                         Mr JP Forsyth

1100                       43           Crailloch Yeoman             A McColm                           Mr, Mrs McCollan


The Annual show and sale on behalf of Beltex Scotland had an entry of 358 Beltex Sheep at Lawrie and Symington with averages up again in all sections with great commercial demand from local buyers aswell as buyers from all corners of the country bolstered by a tremendous pedigree demand. Top price on the day was 11000gns Paid for a Ram Lamb lot 689 this was the Pre-sale show overall Champion Loandhu Brain a Son of Airyolland Wurzel he Was Sold by Mr A Munro, The stables, Loandhu and waqs purchased in a 3 way split by n & J McQuistin, K & R Buckle, & T Sayer.

Overall averages 82% Clearance

                                                2016                       2015                       on the year

Aged rams                          £572.25(4)           £525(1)                 +£47.25

Shearling Rams                 £687.27(132)      £619.24(141)      +£68.03(+9)

Ram Lambs         £982.50(63)         £640.90(52)         +£341.60(+11)

Ages Ewes          £350(6)

Gimmers             £569.25(42)         £475.34(37)         +93.91(+5)

Overall                  £728.67(249)      £605.72(235)      +122.95(+14)

Other leading prices

Price      Lot                                                          Vendor                 Purchaser

8000       776         Tiree Benchmark              Mr A Mclean      Mrs s Wood,Messrs. RE Wood.

7000       690         Loandhu Bonzo                 Mr A Munro       Messrs. R&K Williams, Collin Mair & Partner,                                                                                                                                       S Wood, Messrs, J Young

4000       552         Tiree AJ                                                Mr A Mclean                      K Preston

2200       551         Tiree Austin                        Mr A Mclean                      Mr J Gray

1900       652         Todhall Audy                      Messrs. Wainwright        J M Thompson

1650       708         Lyon Park Backfire           Mr w Kennedy                  A Wright

1400       745         Airyolland Boogaloo        Mr McQuinstin                  Messrs Weinwright

1350       582         Avimore Alert                    Messrs, C Mair, Partner Mr A Wright

1300       534         Muirton Angus                  Messrs J&L Young            J Y Barclay


2300       825A      Avimore Adeen                                Messrs. C Mair,Partner Paul Tippets, C Williams

1400       796        Aintsable Amberly           TN & J Hall                           Messrs K & R Buckle

1250       811         Muirton Amber                Messrs, J Young                                Mr J Couser

1250       825         Avimore Alice                    Messrs. C Mair, Partner G Anderson

1200       809         Muirton Amie                    Messrs. J Young                                Messrs. Lawrie