Thu 6 October [Thursday 06th October]

Thursday 06th October

Sale Date: Thu 6 October

Thursday 6th October

Lawrie and Symington had 189 store cattle forward at their Thursday sale with a large percentage of black and white and dairy bred cattle forward with many sections slightly firmer on the fortnight top priced bullock on the day was a Charolais from south quarter selling to £1150 the same home also achieved top price per kilo of 220.6p for Limousins. Heifers were led at £1075 for Limousin heifer from Back Hereshaw or 215.4p/kg for a Limousin Heifer from South Quarter.

Overall 87 Bullocks averaged 187.9pp/kg or £891.38, 40 Black and White averaged 128.3p/kg or £579.38 62 Heifers averaged 195.4p/kg or £842.86

Other Leading Prices Bullocks Per head

Lim - £1090 Mill Moor, £1020 Cornhills, £980 Elsrickle Mains. Char - £1150 South Quarter, £1040 West Polquirter, £1000 Mid Hill. Sim - £955 West Mains, £890 Parkerston, £750 East Crookedstone. AA - £1030 Carmacoup, £865 Mid Hill, £860 Bagmoors. BB - £910 Loanfoot. Sho - £945 West Polquirter.

Per Kilo

220.6p South Quarter, 204.4p South Quarter, 202.7p Millmoor. Char – 193.3p West Polquirter, 189.4p Mid Hill, 188.8p Craighead. Sim – 208.3p East Crookedstone, 199.8p West Mains, 187.8p Parkerston. AA – 208.5p Carmacoup, 183.3p Mid Hill, 182.2p Bagmoors. BB – 199.6p Loanfoot, 189p West Polquirter

Heifers Per head

Lim - £1075 Back Hereshaw, £1025 Sandilands, £880 South Quarter. Char - £940 South Quarter, £850 South Quarter, £840 Parkerston. Sim - £910 West Mains, £900 Parkerston, £900 Carmacoup. AA - £1030 Carmacoup, £990 Greenbank, £880 Greenbank.

Per Kilo

Lim  - 215.4p South Quarter, 209.2p Sandilands, 207.5p South Quarter. Char – 198.1p Parkerston, 191.4p South Quarter, 191.1p Parkerston. Sim - £200.9p Carmacoup, 198.7 West Mains, 189.9p Parkerston. AA – 202p Carmacoup, 201.5p Greenbank, 197.3p Carmacoup