Tue 6 October [Suckled Calves]

Suckled Calves

Sale Date: Tue 6 October

Lawrie & Symington had forward 1988 cattle at their annual Show & Sale of Suckled Calves. To an as ever packed ringside all selling well on the year with lighter handier weights proving easiest to cash. The Show was ably judged by Sam Carlisle, Nether Dargavel, Dumfries who found his Champion in a 548kg Lim Blk from J. Warnock & sons, Dreva which later realized £1,300 with the Reserve Champion a 482kg British Blue Hfr from A. & C.S. Comrie, Stonebyres went on to make £1,180.


941 Continental Blks averaged £1,105.98, 2204p per kg

761 Continental Hfrs averaged £1,012.81, 214.5p per kg

221 Native Bred Blks averaged £1,081.39, 213.2p per kg

58 Native Bred Hfrs averaged £961.02, 200.6p per kg


Top Price per Head

Cont Blks - £1,380 (BRB) Nether Abington, £1,380 (BRB) Lochurd, £1,340 (Chx) Crofthills, £1,320 (BRB) Nether Abington, £1,320 x2 (BRB) Lochurd, £1,310 Oldhill, £1,310 (Chx) Greenfield, Cobbinshaw, £1,300 (Chx) Mossplatt, £1,300 (Lim) Deva, £1,290 (BRB) Nether Abington, £1,290 (BRB) Lochurd, £1,290(Lim0 Allanton, £1,290 (Lim) Carbello/Sunnyside. Native Bred  Blks - £1,310 (AA) Mossplatt, £1,250, £1,240 (AA) Laigh House, £1,210 (AA) Hazelside, £1,200 (AA) Cleughhead, £1,200 (AA) Netherhill, £1,180 (AA) Hill of Kilncadzow, £1,150 (AA) Gardrum, £1,140 (Hex) South Slipperfield. Cont Hfrs - £1,450 (BRB) Netherton, Abington, £1,280 (Chx) Oldhill, £1,270 (Lim) Allanton, £1,270 (Lim) Tippethill, £1,250 (Lim) Greenfield, Cobbinshaw, £1,220 9BRB) Nether Abington, £1,220 (Lim) Sunnyside/Carbello, £1,210 (Chx) Oldhill, £1,210 (Lim) Allanton, £1,210 Netherton, Cleghorn, £1,210 (Lim) Scrogton. Native Bred Hfrs - £1,130 (Bsh) Little Galla x2, £1,020 (AA) Hazelside, £1,010 Hills of Dalserf, £980 (AA) Netherhill.

Top Prices per Kilo

Cont Blks - 275p, 272p (Lim) Carbello/Sunnyside, 271p (Chx) Dreva, 268p (Lim) Carbello/Sunnyside, 263p (Lim) Kingside, 263p (Lim) Greenshields, 258p (Lim) Cloverhill, 256p (Chx) Scrogton, 256p (Lim) Allanton, 253p (Chx) Dreva, 252p (Lim) Carbello/Sunnyside, 251p (Lim) Allanton, 251p (Lim) Carbello/ Sunnyside, 250p (Chx) Headsmuir. Native Bred Blks – 223p (AA) x3 Laigh House, 222p (AA) x2 Hill of Kilncadzow, 222p (AA) x2 Parkhill, 221p (AA) Cloverhill, 220p (AA) Headsmuir, 219p (AA) Cloverhill, 218p Spango, 217p Hill of Kilncadzow, 217p (AA) Netherhill. Cont Hfrs – 265p (Lim) Carbello/Sunnyside, 260p (BRB) Nether ton, Abington, 258p (Lim) Allanton, 254p (Lim) Weston, 254p (Lim) x2 Carbello/Sunnyside, 250p (Lim) Greenbank, 247p (Lim) Allanton, 245p (BRB) Allanton, 244p (BRB) Stonebyres, 242p (Lim) Greenshields, 240p (Lim) Scrogton, 240p (Lim) Lupus. Native Bred Hfrs – 214p (AA) Hills of Dalserf, 207p (AA) Netherhill, 203p (AA) Hazelside, 201p (BSH) Little Galla, 201p (AA) Carmacoup.