Tue 14 January [Store Cattle & Sheep]

Store Cattle & Sheep

Sale Date: Tue 14 January

Store Cattle & Sheep Report

Lanark, Lawrie and Symington Ltd sold 486 store cattle. 

Bullocks (251) averaged 226.3p to 269.4p per kg for a pen of 360kg (Lim x) from D. Aitken, Parklea, Auchengray and £1,410 gross for a 636kg (Lim) from J. R. Graham & Partners, Greenshields, Biggar. 

Heifers (235) averaged 213.6p to 248.1p per kg for a pen of 512kg (Lim) from J. R. Graham & Partners, Greenshields, Biggar and £1,270 gross for a 568kg (Lim) from D. & I. Hamilton, Tippethill, Whitburn and 512kg (Lim) J. R. Graham & Partners, Greenshields, Biggar.

A larger sale than the equivalent one last year led to a buoyant trade throughout where a lot more could have been sold to advantage.

Leading Prices per head and per kg;


251-300kg Gorgie City Farm £530, 193.4p

301-350kg Nether Abington £720, 233.8p

351-400kg Hardgatehead £1,050, Parklea 269.4p

401-450kg Lee Meadow £1,130, 252.2p

451-500kg Greenshields £1,230, Gilkerscleugh 264.3p

501-550kg Greenshields £1,280, 246.2p

551-600kg Greenshields £1,390, 245.6p

601-650kg Greenshields £1,410, 221.7p

651-700kg Couch (Hf) £1,050, 158.6p


251-300kg Gorgie City Farm £540, 201.5p

301-350kg Eastfield £670, 195.9p

351-400kg Boghouse £910, 227.5p

401-450kg The Law £1,010, Mossplatt 236p

451-500kg Greenshields £1,200, Lawhead, Tarbrax 247.9p

501-550kg Greenshields £1,270, 248.1p

551-600kg Tippethill £1,270, 223.6p

 Store Sheep

 228 Store Sheep forward.

Tex Hgts - £73, £64, £59 Cleughhead

Cross Hgts - £58, £51 Cleughhead

Chev Hgts - £54 Shawhead

B. Face Hgts - £41 Hawkwood, £39 Shawhead