Tue 22 April [Store Cattle Report]

Store Cattle Report

Sale Date: Tue 22 April

Store & Breeding Report – 22nd April 2014


Lanark, Lawrie & Symington sold 656 Store Cattle at their fortnightly sale on 22nd April 2014.

Bullocks; (293) averaged 228.4p to 273.3p per kg for a pen of 300kg Chx from Messrs Haddow, Lawriesmuir Farm, Lesmahagow and £1,330 gross for a 592kg Limx from Firm of A Dunlop, Under Shieldhill Farm, Carluke.

Heifers; (321) averaged 211.2p to 306.9p per kg for a pen of 404kg Brbx from J & M Struthers, Greenbank Farm, Carluke and £1,240 gross.

Dairy Bred; (42) averaged 154.4p to 186.7p per kg for a pen of 482kg Fkv from Messrs W Steele, Over Kypeside Farm, Lesmahagow and £920 gross for a 594kg Hf from J & A Graham, Couch Farm, Harthill.

Grazing Cattle continue to sell well to buyers both north and south of the border.


Leading Prices Per Head and Per Kg;


251-300kg Lawriesmuir 273.3p, £820.

301-350kg Lawriesmuir 247p, West Torphin £820.

351-400kg Blackhill 264.8p, Greenhill £1,015.

401-450kg Greenbank 259.5p, £1,095.

451-500kg Covanhill 239.1p, Greenhill £1,155.

501-550kg Greenhill 224.1p, £1,170, Netherton £1,170.

551-600kg Under Shieldhill 224.7p, £1,330.

601-650kg Crookboat 209p, £1,275.



201-250kg Back Hareshaw 179.2p, £430.

251-300kg Low Tirfergus 215.3p, £620.

301-350kg Blackhill 246.9p, £800.

351-400kg Greenhill 241p, £925, Lawriesmuir & Cleughhead £925.

401-450kg Greenbank 306.9p, £1,240.

451-500kg Covanhill 216p, £1,080.

501-550kg Greenhill 234.3p, £1,190.

551-600kg Nether Abington 214.8p, £1,190.


Breeding Sheep

Suffolk Gimmers with Twins - £240 Langside

Suffolk Ewe With Single - £218 Langside

Suffolk Gimmer with Single - £200 Langside

Texel Gimmer with Twins - £178 Strawfrank

S. Mule Gimmer with Twins - £166 Old Pentland

S. Mule Ewes with Twins - £160 Old Pentland

Texel X Ewes with Twins - £162 Old Pentland