Tue 8 April [Store Cattle Report]

Store Cattle Report

Sale Date: Tue 8 April

Store Cattle Report – 8th April 2014


Lanark, Lawrie & Symington sold 975 Store Cattle at their fortnightly sale on 8th April 2014.

Bullocks; (644) averaged 238.3p per kg to 342p per kg for a pen of 424kg CharX From Mr R Orr, Lawhead Farm, Tarbrax (Overall Show Champion) and £1450 for the same animal.

Heifers; (306) averaged 225.6p per kg to 312.2p per kg for a pen of 442kg Lim from Messrs T Laird & Son, Sunnyside/Carbello, Cumnock (Overall Reserve Champion) and £1380 gross for the same animal.

Dairy Bred; (25) averaged 161p per kg to 203.4p per kg for a pen of 408kg MoX from Mr J Wood, Gowmacmorran Farm, Forth, and £905 Gross for a 580kg Hf from J. & A. Graham, Couch Farm, Harthill.

Store Cattle again sold very well to a full ringside of buyers from all over Britain.

Leading Prices Per Head and Per Kg;


251-300kg Poldean 246.6p, £715

301-350kg Glenrath 261.5p, £910

351-400kg Scrogton 297p, £1170

401-450kg Lawhead 342p, £1450

451-500kg Sunnyside/Carbello 300p, £1440

501-550kg BickertonHall 250p, £1300

551-600kg Parkhall 233p, Lammerlaw £1340

601-650kg Wester Walston 220.4p, £1340



251-300kg Turdees 209p, Carstairs Mains £580

301-350kg Prettsmill 247.1, £840

351-400kg Greenshields 275p, £1100

401-450kg Sunnyside/Carbello 312.2p, £1380

451-500kg Townhead 245.6p, Greenshields £1210

501-550kg Parklea 248p, £1260

551-600kg Wester Walston 229.4p, £1280

601-650kg Under Shieldhill 207p, £1250


Photographs Courtesy of J Graham Photography

 April Show & Sale Champion - Lawhead

 April Show & Sale Reserve Champion - Sunnyside