Tue 6 May [Store Cattle]

Store Cattle

Sale Date: Tue 6 May

Store Cattle Report – 6th May 2014

Lanark, Lawrie & Symington sold 1403 Store Cattle at their fortnightly sale.

Bullocks; (661) averaged 233.8p per kg to 298p per kg for a pen of 396kg Brb from J. F. & M. B. Teague, Buteland, Balerno and £1,330 gross for a 630kg Chx from T. Walker & Son, Netherurd Mains, Blyth Bridge.

Heifers; (646) averaged 212.1p per kg to 267.1p per kg for a pen of 322kg Lim from J. & A. Galloway, Lochlyoch, Carmichael and £1,200 gross for a 650kg Smx from R. Smellie, Tinto View, Thankerton.

Dairy Bred; (84) averaged 143p per kg to 214p per kg for a pen of 416kg Mox from A. Mitchell & Co., Newton of Wiston, Wiston and £890 Gross.

Quality and grazing cattle continue to be sought after well by buyers the length and breadth of the country.

Leading Prices Per Head and Per Kg;


251-300kg Poldean 230p, £675

301-350kg Lochlyoch 281.3p, £980

351-400kg Buteland 298p, £1,180

401-450kg Carbello/Sunnyside 270p, £1,100, Scotstounbank £1,100

451-500kg Fallside 248p, Bankswood £1,200

501-550kg Bankswood 231p, £1,260

551-600kg Netherurd Mains 213.3p, Bankswood £1,200

601-650kg Netherurd Mains 211.1p, £1,330


201-250kg West Carnduff 212p, £500

251-300kg High Cattadale 237.5p, Townhead £685

301-350kg Lochlyoch 267.1p, £860

351-400kg Townhead 262.3p, £960

401-450kg Tippethill 239.3p, £1,010

451-500kg Hamildean 231.7p, £1,075

501-550kg Holehouse 227.2p, £1,195

551-600kg Tinto View 189p, £1,100

601-650kg Tinto View 185p, £1,200

 Bulls (12) Ingraston 200p, £790, Lonsdale 194p, Anston £640.

Dairy Bred; Newton of Wiston 214p, £890, Couch 154p, £865