Tue 25 February [Store Cattle]

Store Cattle

Sale Date: Tue 25 February

Lanark, Lawrie and Symington Ltd sold 328 store cattle.

 Bullocks (165) averaged 238.4p to 263.7p per kg for a pen of 402kg (Char) from T. & R. Harper, South Mains, Biggar and £1,270 gross for a pen of 540kg (Char) from A. Smellie & Partners, Posso, Peebles.

 Heifers (141) averaged 223.9p to 255.3p per kg for a pen of 468kg (Lim) from J. Cullen, Craighead, Carluke and £1,275 gross for a pen of 612kg (Char) from The Firm of Dunlop, Undershieldhill, Carluke.

 Dairy Bred (22) averaged 146p to 167.3p for a pen of 508kg (Hf) from J. & A. Graham, Couch, Harthill and £950 gross for a pen of 596kg (Hf) from J. & A. Graham, Couch, Harthill

 Cattle prices firmed on the fortnight. With a better show of quality cattle forward. More could have been sold to a large ringside of buyers from all over the country.

 Leading Prices per head and per kg;


301-350kg West Quarter 245.5p, Mayfield £840

351-400kg West Quarter 252.6p, £980, Cleughhead £980

401-450kg South Mains 263.7p, West Quarter £1,140

451-500kg Cleughhead 253.3p, Biggarshiels £1,190, Hamildean £1,190

501-550kg Westerhouse 236.3p, Posso £1,270

551-600kg The Law 210.7p, £1,180


301-350kg West Quarter 237.8p, £780

351-400kg Laight 241.9p, south Mains £945

401-450kg South Mains 235.4p, Craighead £1,015

451-500kg Craighead 255.3p, £1,195

501-550kg Bogside 216.2p, Underlaw £1,125

551-600kg Under Shieldhill 217.4p, £1,265

601-650kg Under Shieldhill 208.3p, £1,275

 Dairy Bred;

Couch 167.3p, £950