Tue 28 January [Store Cattle]

Store Cattle

Sale Date: Tue 28 January

Lanark, Lawrie and Symington Ltd sold 421 store cattle.

 Bullocks (224) averaged 224.9p to 261.3p per kg for a pen of 398kg (Brb x) from J&M Buchannan, Prettsmill and £1,350 gross for a 628kg (Lim) from The Firm of A Dunlop, Under Shieldhill Farm, Carluke.

 Heifers (156) averaged 214.2p to 250p per kg for a pen of 404kg (Lim) from A&CS Comrie, Stonebyres Farm, Lanark and £1,250 gross for a 594kg (Lim) from Dawyck Estates Ltd, Easter Dawyck Farm, Stobo.

 Dairy Bred (41) averaged 152.3p to 166.7p for a pen of 366kg (Mox) Blks from Mr J Wood, Gowmacmorran Farm, Forth and £925 gross for a pen of 584kg (Hf) from J&A Graham, Couch Farm, Harthill.

 A tremendous day trading with a full ringside of Buyers old and new! Many more could have been sold to advantage. 

 Leading Prices per head and per kg;


301-350kg Gowmacmorran £600, 178p

351-400kg Prettsmill £1,040, 261.3p

401-450kg Stonebyres £1,145, Cleughead 255.7p

451-500kg Darnhall £1,210, Haswellsykes 246.7p

501-550kg Darnhall £1,190, 237.1p

551-600kg Easter Dawyck £1,300, 224.9p

601-650kg Under Shieldhill £1,350, 215p


251-300kg West Carnduff £600, 234.4p

301-350kg Sandilands £690, West Carnduff 225.2p

351-400kg Stonebyres £905, Bonnington Mains 234.3p

401-450kg Stonebyres £1,060, 250p

451-500kg Darnhall £1,115, Underlaw 241.2p

501-550kg Dovecot £1,220, 230.2p

551-600kg Easter Dawyck £1,250, 215p

 Store Sheep

 Small show of Store Sheep sold to £49.00 for Bf Hgts from Hundleshope, followed by Tex X Hgts £48.50 from Old Pentland and X Hgts £47.00 from Hundleshope.

  Breeding Cattle

Breeding Cattle sold to £1,380 for a Brbx Cow and her Bull Calf from M/s Jones, High Bellochantuy Farm, Campbeltown.