Tue 6 February [STORE CATTLE]


Sale Date: Tue 6 February

Lawrie and Symington Ltd

Lanark Agricultural Centre


Tuesday 6th February



Lawrie and Symington had forward 716 Store Cattle at their first February sale of 2018. 356 Blks sold to a top of 275.1p for a Limx from Dovecot to average 222.9p. 320 Hfrs sold to a top of 254p for a Limx from The Gair to average 212.3p. 40 Dairy Blks sold to a top of 155.4p for a Fr off of Almont to average 149.6p.


Blks Price per Head

<250kg: £670 Laigh Carnduff

251-300kg: £620 Laigh Carnduff, £615 Woodlands (L’Gow)

301-350kg: £845 & £820 Laigh Carnduff, £810 Blacklands

351-400kg: £1095 Dovecot, £1010 Southmains, £990 Knockshinnoch

401-450kg: £1065 South Carnduff, £1060 Southmains & Haswellsykes, £1055 Craighead

451-500kg: £1180 Drumalbin, £1130 Waterlands, £1110 Knockshinnoch

501-550kg: £1230 Gair, Haswellsykes & Lochurd, £1190 Southmains, £1175 Lochurd

551-600kg: £1270 Gair, £1255 Lochurd, £1235 Crofthills

601-650kg: £1375 Lochurd


Blks Price per Kilo

<250kg: 268p Laigh Carnduff

251-300kg: 218.1p Woodlands (L’Gow), 216.8p Laigh Carnduff

301-350kg: 257.6p & 245.5p Laigh Carnduff, 238.2p Blacklands

351-400kg: 275.1p Dovecot, 257.7p South Mains, 255.2p Knockshinnoch

401-450kg: 259.8p South Carnduff, 254.8p Waterlands & Craighead, 253.7p Dovecot

451-500kg: 243.8p Drumalbin, 232.5p Waterlands, 231.4p South Carnduff

501-550kg: 233.1p Lochurd, 231.2p Gair, 226.2p Southmains

551-600kg: 219.8p Crofthills, 216.6p Badenheath, 216p Gair

601-650kg: 216.9p Lochurd


Hfrs Price per Head

<300kg: £680 Thripland, £640 Laigh Carnduff, £600 Little Kype

301-350kg: £755 Laigh Carnduff, £730 Little Kype, £715 Mid Auchencarroch

351-400kg: £990 Drumalbin, £935 Southmains, £930 Birkenhead

401-450kg: £1060 Drumalbin, £990 Southmains

451-500kg: £1100 Drumalbin, £1090 Over Quarter, £1080 Elsrickle Mains

501-550kg: £1280 Gair, £1100 Titwood, £1090 Tinto View

551-600kg: £1150 Badenheath








Hfrs Price per Kilo

<300kg: 235p Laigh Carnduff, 234p Thripland

301-350kg: 240p Laigh Carnduff, 225p Little Kype

351-400kg: 249p Drumalbin, 239p Southmains, 233p Birkenhead

401-450kg: 236p Drumalbin, 226p Haswellsykes, 225p Mossplatt

451-500kg: 243p Drumalbin, 227p Over Quarter

501-550kg: 254p Gair

551-600kg: 197p Badenheath


Dairy Blks

Top per Head

£810 Bourtreebush

£800 Gibblaston

£765 East Hyndshawland


Top per Kilo

155p Almont

154p Hawksland

152p East Hyndshawland