Tue 23 January [STORE CATTLE]


Sale Date: Tue 23 January

Lawrie and Symington Ltd

Lanark Agricultural Centre


Tuesday 23rd January – Store Cattle


L & S had forward 803 Store Cattle at their 2nd January Sale. 388 Blks sold to a top of 271.7p for a CHx off of Lee Meadow to av 219.7p. 345 Hfrs sold to a top of 240.4p for a LIMx off of Westoun to av 212.3p. 70 Dairy Blks sold to a top of 198.3p for a B.SWISS Blk off of Hills of Dalserf to av 147.6p.


Blks Price per Head

Under 250kg: £480 East Crookedstone

251-300kg: £770 Whitehill, £520 Crookedstone

301-350kg: £940 Lee Meadow, £850 Halmyre Mains, £800 Bordlands

351-400kg: £990 South Carnduff, £940 Bordlands, £920 Hills of Dalserf, £920 Lee Meadow

401-450kg: £1120 Greenfield, £1100 Lawhead - Tarbrax, £1065 Craighead

451-500kg: £1175 Bankhead, £1130 Hole of Kilncadzow, £1120 Darnhall Mains, £1120 Bankhead

501-550kg: £1250 Netherurd Mains, £1220 Broomhill, £1200 Darnhall Mains

551-600kg: £1340 Over Quarter, £1290 Darnhall Mains, £1245 & £1235 Handaxwood

601+kg: £1325 Dykeneuk, £1310 Netherurd Mains, £1220 Handaxwood


Blks Price per Kilo

Under 250kg: 212.4p East Crookedstone

251-300kg: 261.9p Whitehill

301-350kg: 271.7p Lee Meadow, 248.5p & 245.2p Halmyre Mains, 236.4p Bordlands

351-400kg: 252.8p West Millrigg, 247.5p South Carnduff, 240.8p Lee Meadow

401-450kg: 262.4p Scrogton, 248.9p Greenfield, 244.4p Lawhead - Tarbrax

451-500kg: 238.2p Ladyurd, 235.9p Bankhead, 234.4p Hole of Kilncadzow

501-550kg: 230.8p Darnhall Mains, 228.9p Netherurd Mains, 228p Hamildean

551-600kg: 227.1p Over Quarter, 224p Darnhall Mains, 220.2p Hamildean

601+kg: 214.1p Netherurd Mains, 204.5p Dykeneuk


Hfrs Price per Head

Under 250kg: £400 Drumboy

251-300kg: £570 Forrestfield, £570 Whitehill

301-350kg: £765 West Millrigg, £755 Whitehill, £735 West Millrigg

351-400kg: £900 West Millrigg, £880 Hills of Dalserf, £880 Weston

401-450kg: £1015 Ladyurd, £990 Blackhill, £980 South Carnduff

451-500kg: £1090 Sandilands, £1090 Burnton, £1080 Darnhall Mains, £1075 Ladyurd

501-550kg: £1215 Darnhall Mains, £1190 Hamildean, £1160 East Forth, £1160 Netherurd Mains

551-600kg: £1170 Burnton, £1150 Barr, £1150 Burnton



Hfrs Price per Kilo

251-300kg: 224.4p Whitehill

301-350kg: 233.2p West Millrigg, 221.2p West Blackmoss, 219.5p Whitehill

351-400kg: 240.4p Weston, 234.4p West Millrigg, 231.1p Greenbank

401-450kg: 232.8p Ladyurd, 229.8p Weston, 224.9p Craighead

451-500kg: 230.9p Sandilands, 227.1p Cuttlehill, 225p Darnhall Mains

501-550kg: 223.4p Darnhall Mains, 223.1p Netherurd Mains, 219.6p Hamildean

551-600kg: 208.3p Barr, 207.6p Burnton


B/W Price per Head

£940 Over Kypeside

£900 Dykeneuk

£820 Couch

£800 Hawksland


B/W Price per Kilo

198.3p Hills of Dalserf

193.4p Over Kypeside

172.4p Hawksland