Tue 10 December [Store Cattle & Sheep]

Store Cattle & Sheep

Sale Date: Tue 10 December

 Bullocks (71) averaged 234.3p to 247.7p per kg for a pen of 428kg (Ch x) from J. Shanks, Newtonhead, Kilmaurs  and £1,180 gross for a 486kg (Ch x) from A. & bW. Orr, Mossplatt, Lanark.

 Heifers (32) averaged 212.2p to 230.1p per kg for a pen of 452kg (Lim x) from J. M. Orr, Netherton, Lanark and £1,040 gross for a 458kg (AA x) from C. D. Jackson, Stonehill, Crawfordjohn.

 A small show of Store cattle due to time of year met a brisk demand and sold in excess of sellers expectations.

 Leading Prices per head and per kg;


301-350kg Stonehill £800, 231.2p

351-400kg Newtonhead, Kilmaurs £850, 232.2p

401-450kg Mossplatt £1,100, Newtonhead, Kilmaurs 247.7p

451-500kg Mossplatt £1,180, 242.8p


301-350kg Stonehill £680, 211.5p

351-400kg Stonehill £895, 229.5p

401-450kg Netherton £920, Newtonhead, Kilmaurs 227.6p

451-500kg Stonehill £1,040, Netherton 230.1p


Lanark, Lawrie & Symington Ltd, had forward 172 Store Sheep on Tue 10th December.

Texel - £69, £66, £61 & £57 – Cleughead

Suff - £60 & £39 – Raw, East Calder

B. Face - £36 & £35 – North Slipperfield