Tue 21 March [Store cattle ]

Store cattle

Sale Date: Tue 21 March

400 Blks sold to 257.6pp/kg for a Chx from Glenrath, averaged 224.4p

347 Hfrs sold to 261.1p for a Limx Hfr from Mayfield, Averaged 216.2p

35 Dairy Blks sold to 183.3p Nrx from West Drumlemble averaged 144.1p


Per Head Limx - £1290 Muldron, £1230 Middlehouse. AA - £1220 Tinto View. Chx - £1220 Mayfield, £1210 Wester Moffat. BBX - £1160 Balegreggan.  Simx - £1120 Tinto View

Per kilo

Chx – 257.6 Glenrath, 250p South Dean Partnership, 248p Lee Meadow.

AAX – 252.7p Woodlands, 247.3p Woodlands.

Simx – 251.7p Silvermuir.

Limx – 250p Mayfield, 248.7p Silvermuir, 247p Middlehouse.


Per Head

Simx - £1200 Tinto View

Limx - £1195 Tippethill, £1160, £1140 Malletshaugh.

AAX - £1100 Tinto View

BBX - £1100 Hillridge, £1080 Tinto View

Chx - £1100 Wester Moffat, £1080 Wester Whitecastle

Per Kilo

Limx – 261.1p, Mayfield, 232p West Torphin, 232p Townhead.

Chx – 250p Townhead, 248.7p Greenfield, 245.8p Glenrath

BBX – 233.3p Wester Whitecastle, 233.3p Nether Abington.

Included in this year’s sale was the show and sale of young farmers calves on behalf of Lanarkshire young farmers. Ably Judged this year by Mr William Purdon, Straven House Farm. His Champion on the day was a Limousin Bullock Names “Stan” by his Owner Mr Scott BOurman ( Carluke YF) He Later sold for £1230 to the Judge Reserve Champion was a Limousin Heifer “Black Beauty” From Mr Tom Linton (Biggar YF)

Other Leading Prices

£1220 Cha Blk “Charlie” from Robert Harvie (Lesmahagow YF)

£1180 Lim BLk “Black Jack” from Robert Harvie (Lesmahagow YF)

£1080 Char Hfr “Ginger Bell” from Jane Donald (Biggar YF)

£1060 Lim Hfr “Black Betty” Robert Harvie (Lesmahagow YF)

£1020 Cha Hfr “Ginger Spice” Allsion Wight (Biggar YF)