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Store Cattle & Ewes & Hoggs with lambs at foot

Sale Date: Tue 3 May

The firm had forward 1204 cattle at their fortnightly Store Cattle Sale at Lanark. A sound trade prevailed throughout the sale, to a full ringside of buyers. The top price of £1230 for Bullocks was achieved twice – for a Charolais X from Messrs J Orr and Partners, Wester Walston Farm, and also for a Limousin X from Mr S Bourman, Langshaw Farm. Highest price bullock per kg was 261.4p/kg for a pen of Limousin X from Messrs T Laird and Son, Carbello/Sunnyside Farms. Best Heifer price was £1520 for a Limousin C from Mr T Linton, The Firs. Top per kg was 248.0p for a British Blue from Mr R Harvie Jnr, Mayfield Farm. Overall - 654 Bullocks averaged 216.0p/kg or £881.46; 514 Heifers averaged 207.5p/kg or £826.62; and 36 Dairy Bred averaged 130.4p/kg or £558.61.

 Top Prices per Head – Bullocks

Limousin - £1230 Langshaw; £1170 and £1140 Bankhead; £1130 Gair, South Mains, and Kirkton of Crawford. Charolais - £1230 Wester Walston; £1120 Dunsyre Mains and High Crewburn. Simmental - £1090 and £1020 Tinto View; £1050 and £1020 South Slipperfield, £980 Dovecot. Saler - £840 and £800 Drochil Castle. British Blue - £1040 Tinto View; £1020 and £980 Biggarshiels Mains; £980 Sunnyside/Carbello and Bellfield. Aberdeen Angus - £1070 Lammerlaw; £990 Parkhall/Robiesland; £940 Haywoodhead; £910 Dunsyre Mains. Hereford - £1010, £980, and £940 South Slipperfield. Shorthorn - £870 and £800 Ingraston.

 Top Prices per Head – Heifers

Limousin - £1520 The Firs; £1150 and £1110 Dovecot; £1100 Biggarshiels Mains. Charolais - £1200 High Crewburn; £1060 North Deanhead; £1000 and £990 Crofthills; £980 Hardgatehead. Simmental - £1090 Lammerlaw; £1060 South Flakefield; £1010 Yondercroft. British Blue - £1280 High Crewburn; £1260 Mayfield; £1170 Biggarshiels Mains; £1000 Overburns. Aberdeen Angus - £1080, £990, and £860 Lammerlaw; £860 Newton of Wiston.

 Top Prices per kg – Bullocks

Limousin – 261.4p Sunnyside/Carbello; 260.6p East Manual; 251.5p, 250.0p, and 248.0p Lochlyoch; 247.0p Woodlands. Charolais – 239.4p and 260.2p Hundleshope; 241.4p and 235p Townhead; 232.4p Blackhill. Simmental 226.0p Gillbank; 216.0p South Slipperfield; 206.0p Yondercroft. Saler – 220.0p Drochil Castle. British Blue – 257.0p and 223.0p Sunnyside/Carbello; 244.6p Stonebyres; 234.0p Biggarshiels Mains. Aberdeen Angus – 235.1p and 226.0p Fallside; 234.0p and 227.0p Lindenlea; 223.0p Headsmuir.

 Top Prices per kg – Heifers

Limousin – 245.2p The Firs; 241.3p Dovecot; 241.2p Sunnyside/Carbello. Charolais – 228.7p Parkhall/Robiesland; 227.9p Hardgatehead; 227.p Dunsyre Mains/ Simmental – 210.3p Sornfallow; 200.0p Newton of Wiston and South Flakefield. British Blue – 248.0p Mayfield; 243.0p and 225.0p Kilwhipnach. Aberdeen Angus – 229.0p and 205.0p Fallside; 200.0p Ingraston.



 Lanarkshire District of Young Farmers Clubs’, held their Annual Calf Rally Competition at the Market on Tuesday 3rd May, 2016. A fine selection of well presented cattle were put in front or the Judge, Mr Walter Dandie, Learlielaw Farm, who picked as his Champion, a Limousin Heifer from Mr Tom Linton, Biggar YFC. She scaled 620kg and sold for £1520 to the Judge. The Reserve Champion from Mr Jamie Orr, Biggar YFC – scaled 624kg and sold for £1230.

 Prize List as follows –

Class 1 – Limousin Heifer – 1st Tom Linton, Biggar YFC; 2nd Jennifer Brown, Carluke YFC. Class 2 – Limousin Bullock – 1st Scott Bourman, Carluke YFC; 2nd Jennifer Brown, Carluke YFC; 3rd Scott Bourman, Carluke YFC. Class 3 – Charolais Heifer – 1st James Hamilton, Avondale YFC; 2nd Graham Donald, Biggar YFC; 3rd Jane Donald, Biggar YFC. Class 4 – Charolais Bullock – 1st Jamie Orr, Biggar YFC; 2nd Elaine Gibb, Biggar YFC; 3rd Caroline Hamilton, Avondale YFC. Class 5 – British Blue Heifer – 1st Scott Hamilton, Avondale YFC; 2nd Robert Harvie, Lesmahagow YFC; 3rd Jennifer Brown, Carluke  YFC. Class 6 – Unhalter Class – 1st James Gibb, Biggar YFC; 2nd Andrew McGregor, Carluke YFC.



The firm also held a sale of 205 Ewes and Hoggs with Lambs at Foot. The sale was topped at £192 for an exceptional pen of 5 Suffolk Ewes (2-Crop) with twin Beltex Lambs at foot from J Halbert, Bordlands Farm.

 Leading Prices – Ewes with Lambs at Foot

Sx with twin Beltex lambs £192 and £190 Bordlands. Tex with twin Beltex lambs £185 and £182 Sunnyside.

 Leading Prices – Gimmers with Lambs at Foot

Tex with twin Rouge lambs £185 Strawfrank. Sx with twin Beltex lambs £170 Sunnyside. Tex with single Rouge lambs £155 Strawfrank.

 Leading Prices – Hoggs with Lambs at Foot

Tex X with single Beltex lambs £158 Newton of Wiston. Scotch Mule with single Beltex lambs £152 Newton of Wiston.