Tue 28 March [Store cattle 28th March 2017]

Store cattle 28th March 2017

Sale Date: Tue 28 March

Store cattle 28th March 2017

156 Blks sold to 261.7pp/kg for a Lim X from Woodlands, Averaged 220.1pp/kg

154 Hfrs sold to 250pp/kg for a Lim X From Woodlands, Averaged 218.3pp/kg

Blks Per Head

Lim: £1155 Dyke, £1120x2 Cairnie, £1090 Underlaw, £1065 Dyke

AA: £1190 Lammerlaw, £1115 Netherton, £1080 Skerrington Mains, £1070 Lammerlaw

CHX: £1130 Hardgatehead, £1115 Hardgatehead

BBX: £1130 Newbyre

Per Kilo

Lim: 261.7p Woodlands, 245.4p Whiteside, 244.4p Wester White Castle

CHX: 255.4p Hills of Dalserf, 237.1p North Carnduff

AA: 244.1p Bagmoors, 233.6p Lammerlaw

Sim X: 233.3p Greenbank farms

Hfrs per head

Lim:  £1120x2 Northflatt, £1105 Underlaw, £1100 Underlaw, £1020 Dyke

CHX: £1040 Hardgatehead, £980 Cleughead

AA: £1170 Lammerlaw, £1130 Underlaw, £1100 Lammerlaw, £980 Lammerlaw

Per Kilo

Lim – 250p Woodlands, 238.9p Kilbucho Place 231.2p Cleughead.

CHX : 231.2p Dyke, 231.2p Hills of Dalserf, 224.2p Cleughead

BRB: 229.3p East Crookedstone