Tue 27 October [Store Cattle]

Store Cattle

Sale Date: Tue 27 October

 The firm had forward 661 Store Cattle and 47 Breeding Cattle at their sale at Lanark on A large ringside of buyers were present and although trade in keeping with the national trend was easier a satisfactory trade prevailed.

Overall averages

68 Dairy Bred averaged 131.2p per kg or £555.22

52 Native blks averaged 194.2p per kg or £839.13

33 Native hfrs averaged 193.3p per kg or £756.21

259 Cont blks averaged 202.6p per kg or £879.75

219 Cont hfrs averaged 197.8p per kg or £848.27


The days top price blk was £1,225 for a Lim x blk from T Renwick, Traquair Knowe. Peebles. Highest price blk per kg was 277.8p per kg for a Lim X’s from A F & R Cruickshank, Little Kype, Strathaven.  Top hfr was £1,090 for a BB hfr from I Ross & Son, Greenhill, Wiston. Highest price per kg was 243.6p per kg from D A & D Adkin & Sons, Auchrobert, Lesmahagow.

 Other top prices

Char blks - £1,030 Law, £1,030 Newtonhead, £1,020 Letham. 218p, 216p Newtonhead, 213p Letham, 212p Law. Angus blks - £1,145 Underlaw, £1,125 The Thistle, £1,100, £1,070, £1,040 Craigthornhill. 248p, 231p 211p Culterhaugh, 197p Over Kypeside, 193p The Thistle. BB blks - £1,050 Lawriesmuir, £970 Culterhaugh, £960 Knowetop, £940 Carbello/Sunnyside.  227p Carbello/Sunnyside, 219p Lawriesmuir, 218p Culterhaugh. Sim blks - £1,040, £1,020, £1,000 Law, £950 Dawyck Mill, £920 Cormiston Towers. 262p, 274p Auchrobert, 214p, 208p Law, 197p Dawyck Mill. Char hfrs - £1,045 West Polquhirter, £1,040 Law, £1,000 Newtonhead. 210.1p Newtonhead, 205p Law, 201p Lee Meadow. Lim hfrs - £1,075 Greenhill, £1,050 Middlemains, £1,040 Highlawside. 215p Culterhaugh, 213.1p Burnbrae, 211p Hillend. Sim hfrs - £960 Bankhead, £870 Cormiston Towers, £870 Ryeflatt. 244p, 235p, 222p Auchrobert, 206p Ryeflatt. AA hfrs - £990 Stobo Home Farm, £835, 810 Culterhaugh, £790 Over Kypeside. 213p, 204p Culterhaugh, 203p Stobo Home Farm. Hol Fries blks - £835 Grangehall, £705 Craigthorn, £685 East Hyndshawland. 144.6p Ainville, 135.1p Forrestfield, 133p Grangehall.


Breeding Cattle

A large crowd assembled and many more could have been sold if they were the right article. Top price £1,980 for a Lim x cow with Char bull calf at foot. The 34 Stock Cows with Calves averaged £1,440. Stock Char Bull £1,500. Other prices – Shorthorn hfrs & calves £1,100 Newlands. Sim x hfrs & calves - £1,520, £1,200 High Machriemore. BB hfrs & calves £1,420, £1,000 High Machriemore. AA hfrs & Calves - £1,420 High Machriemore