Thu 8 October [Store Cattle]

Store Cattle

Sale Date: Thu 8 October

The firm had 287 Store Cattle forward.  Mixed offering forward with mainly Dairy Bred cattle forward top price on the day went to A. Muirhead, Netherfauld House with a 630kg Sim at £1,280 with the top price per kilo of 240.9p for a pen of Lim blks from A. Watt, Benthall, East Kilbride.


107 Blks averaged £904.76, 211.2p

91 Hfrs averaged £845.80, 203.6p

89 Dairy Bred Blks averaged £618.58, 141.4p

Price per head – Blks - £1,280 (Sim) Netherfauld House, £1,190 (Lim) Crookedstone, £1,120 (Lim) Millwell, £1,120 (Sim) Netherfauld House, £1,110 (Lim) Millwell, £1,110, £1,100 x2 Netherfauld House, £1,090 (Lim) Crookedstone. Hfrs - £1,140 (Lim) Crookedstone, £1,020 (BRB) High Cattadale, £995 & £960 (AA) Shotlinn. Dairy Bred - £885 (Hf) Grangehall, £840 (Hf) Crookedstone, £825 (Hfx) Newlands, £795 (Hfx) Hawksland.

Price per Kg – Blks - 240.9p, 236.9p (Lim) Benthall, 236.9p (Ch) Langlees, 235.6p (AA), 234p, 225.9p, (Lim) 224.1p, (Ch) 219.4p (Lim) Benthall.  Hfrs – 219.8p, 216.4p (Lim) Benthall, 215.7p (Chx) Parkerston, 213.7p, 213.4p (Lim) Benthall, 210.1p Skerrington Mains. Dairy Bred – 178.4p (Bfx) Glaister, 165.6p (Hfx) Hawksland, 158.1p (Bf) Ainville, 146.4p (Hfx) Boghall.