Tue 17 March [Store Cattle]

Store Cattle

Sale Date: Tue 17 March

The firm had forward a catalogue entry of 850 at their fortnightly sale at Lanark on Tuesday. A sound trade prevailed for the mixed quality on offer with the best cattle maintaining last sales high rates, whilst the bigger plainer sorts were slightly easier on the fortnight.

Top priced bullock was £1410 for a Limousin X from M/s Carmichael, Carmichael Estates, Biggar. Highest priced bullock per Kg 295.2 p/Kg for a pen of Limousin X from J&A Galloway Ltd, Lochlyoch, Highest priced heifer was £1200 for a pen of Limousin x  from Mr T Sanderson, Biggarshiels Mains, Biggar.

Best Price Heifer per Kg was 266.3P/Kg for Charolais and heifers from Messer A Minto & Son, Townhead, Dolphinton


450 Blks averaged 232.6 P/Kg or £999.20

324 Hfrs averaged 218. P/Kg or £889.73

76 Dairy Bred Blks averaged 170.6 P/Kg or £718.23

Top prices


Char - £1230 Cloverhill, £1230 Greenfield £1210 Parklea 

Lim -  £1410, £1345 Carmichael Estate, £1280 Biggarshiels Mains, £1260 West Montgarswood, £1220 Northflatt.

Sim - £1295, £1235 Tinto View, £1190 Raws, £1160 Yondercroft

Dairy- £1040, £1005 Couch, £1005 Gowmacmorran, £965 High Machriemore, £930 Over Kypeside

BB- £1285, £1160 Bellfield, £1120 East Drumlemble, £1070 Knowetop

AA- £1230 Newbigging Mill, £1165 Newbigging Mill, £1140 Cleughhead


AA £1050, £1160 Lammerlaw, £1130 Hazelside

Sim £1150 Lawhead, Tarbrax, £1080 Tinto View, £1020 Yondercroft

BB - £1160 Newbyre, £1100 Cloverhill, £1010, £1045 Underlaw

Char - £1060, £1120 Townhead, £1110 Mossplatt, £1060 Wester Hassockrigg, £1050, Cloverhill

Lim - £1140, £1200 Biggarshiels Mains, £1140 Craighead, £1210 Parklea


Top prices per kg


Lim – 295.2p, 293.4p Greenfield, 272.5p West Torphin, 269.6p Whatriggs, 267p Traquair Knowe

Char – 277p Greenfield, 274.7p Lawhead Tarbrax, 273.2p Cloverhill

AA – 255.2p Bagmoors, 234.1p, 227.1p Cleughhead

BRB – 250p East Crookedstone, 236.8p, 236.3p East Drumlemble, 229.3p, 228.6p Knowetop

Sim – 251.6p Whitecastle, 244.6p Yondercroft, 238p Silvermuir,

Dairy –205.1p Gowmacmorran, 192.6p High Crewburn, 189.1p, 187.5p Langside, 182.2p Gowmacmorran


AA –215.3p Townhead, 207.7p Hazelside, 205.5p Lammerlaw

Lim – 266.2p, 263.2p Townhead, 250p Greenfield, 236p, West Torphin

Char – 266.3p, 247.5p Townhead, 247.5p, 243.3p Cloverhill, 242.5p Greenfield

BRB –232.6p East Drumblemble, 226.8p East Crookedstone, 222.3p, 218.3p Underlaw

Sim – 225.6p, 227.4p Silvermuir, 210p Yondercroft, 207p Lawhead Tarbrax