Tue 12 November [Store Cattle]

Store Cattle

Sale Date: Tue 12 November


Lanark, Lawrie and Symington Ltd sold 382 store cattle.

 Bullocks (217) averaged 226.4p to 265.4p per kg for a pen of 520kg (CH x) from A. Minto & Son, Townhead, Dolphinton and £1,380 gross for a 520kg (CH x) from A. Minto & Son, Townhead, Dolphinton.

 Heifers (165) averaged 221.4p to 265.5p per kg for a pen of 516kg (Lim x) from A. D. & J. Anderson & Son, Newbyre, Hurlford and £1,400 gross for a 616kg (CH x) from A. Dunlop, Undershieldhill, Carluke.

 All classes met a brisk demand and met a dearer trade on the fortnight

 Leading Prices per head and per kg;


251-300kg Birkhill £595, 212.5p

301-350kg Burnbrae £730, 216p

351-400kg Posso £1,000, 252.5p

401-450kg Westerhouse £1,140, 254.5p

451-500kg Townhead, Dolphinton £1,250, West Polquhirter 258.6p

501-550kg Townhead, Dolphinton £1,380, 265.4p

551-600kg Townhead, Dolphinton £1,360, 237.8p

601-350kg Crofthead £1,380, 227p


251-300kg Boghall £580, Little Kype 226.2p

301-350kg Findattie £720, Carbello/Sunnyside 209.4p

351-400kg Findattie £900, 228.4p

401-450kg Hardgatehead £1,080, 248.9p

451-500kg Highlawside £1,265, 257.1p

501-550kg Newbyre £1,370, 265.5p

551-600kg Under Shieldhill £1,370, Whitehaugh 243.8p

601-650kg Under Shieldhill £1,400, 227.3p