Tue 21 October [Store Cattle]

Store Cattle

Sale Date: Tue 21 October

Store Sale Report – 21st October 2014

Lanark, Lawrie & Symington sold 364 Store Cattle at their fortnightly sale on Tuesday 21st October 2014.

Bullocks; (178) averaged 211.9p to 236.6p per kg for a pen of 360kg (Limx) from J. walker, Sandilands, Lanark and £1,330 gross for a 634kg (AAx) from Firm of John Dykes, South Slipperfield, West Linton.

 Heifers; (132) averaged 206.6p to 231p per kg for a pen of 422kg (Limx) from Firm of Wm Whitelaw, Rigghead, Strathaven and £1,230 gross for a 552kg (Lim) from R. Currie, Underlaw, Darvel.

 Dairy Bred; (54) averaged 146.7p to 179.8p per kg for a pen of 484kg (FKVx) from J. Dick, Mid Auchengray, Auchengray and £870 gross.

 A mixed show of cattle still selling well.

 Leading prices per head and per kg;


301-350kg Gillbank 220p, £770

351-400kg Sandilands 236.6p, £850

401-450kg Burnbrae 233.3p, £1,050

451-500kg West Blackmoss 236.1p, £1,100

501-550kg Greenhill 223.4p, £1,220

551-600kg South Slipperfield 219.2p, £1,230, Underlaw £1,230

601-650kg South Slipperfield 210p, £1,330


251-300kg West Carnduff 226p, £660

301-350kg Laigh Carnduff 211.2p, £735

351-400kg Laigh Carnduff 224.2p, £865

401-450kg Rigghead 231p, Burnbrae £1,020

451-500kg Culterallers 218.2p, £1,065

501-550kg Greenhill 222.1p, £1,155

551-600kg Underlaw 222.8p, £1,230

601-650kg Bedlormie 196p, £1,185


Dairy Bred;

Mid Auchengray (Fkv) 179.8p, £870, (Nrx) 17106p, £810. Eastfield (Hf) 156.3p, £800