Tue 17 June [Store Cattle]

Store Cattle

Sale Date: Tue 17 June

Lanark, Lawrie & Symington sold 96 at their fortnightly sale on Tuesday 17th June.

Bullocks (44) averaged 204.6p to 224.6p per kg for a pen of 334kg (AAx) from The Firm of TS Chapman, Whitelees Farm, Cleghorn and £1190 gross for a 554kg (AAx) from Mr Andrew Stobo, Maidenburn Farm, Strathaven.

Heifers (52) averaged 192.5p to 217p per kg for a pen of 438kg (AAx) from Mr Andrew Stobo, Maidenburn Farm, Strathaven and £1140 gross for a 632kg (AAx).

A Good Summers Day resulted in a smaller ringside of buyers although grazing types continued to be sold to a premium.

Leading Prices per head and per kg;


301-350kg Whitelees 224.6p, £750

351-400kg Whitelees 222.1p, £835

401-450kg Sunnyhill 224p, £990

451-500kg Newfield 200.4p, £950

551-600kg Maidenburn 214.8p, £1190

601-650kg Greenhill 175.1p, £1110


251-300kg Back Hareshaw 200p, £535

301-350kg Boghouse 206p, £720

351-400kg Boghouse 198p, £750

401-450kg Maidenburn 217p, £950, Dovecot £900

451-500kg Watermeetings 196p, £930

501-550kg Newfield 213.4p, £1080

551-600kg Watermeetings 190p, £1100

601-650kg Watermeetings 180.4p, £1140