Tue 20 May [Store & Breeding Cattle]

Store & Breeding Cattle

Sale Date: Tue 20 May

Store Cattle Report – 20th May 2014


Lanark, Lawrie & Symington sold 448 Store Cattle at their fortnightly sale.

Bullocks; (179) averaged 226.5p per kg to 269.5p per kg for a pen of 308kg Lim from J. A. Galloway, Lochlyoch, Carmichael and £1,165 gross for a 560kg Lim from J. & J. Dunn, Corramore, Lanark

Heifers; (220) averaged 215.2p per kg to 259p per kg for a pen of 332kg BRBx from J. & A. Galloway,  

Lochlyoch, Carmichael and £1,185 gross for a 564kg Chx from T. Walker & Son, Netherurd Mains, Blyth Bridge.

Dairy Bred; (49) averaged 142.9p per kg to 175p per kg for a pen of 400kg Mox from W. King, Hawksland, Lesmahagow  and £810 Gross for a pen of 570kg Hf from Fairnielee Farming Partnership.


Store Cattle trade seemed sharper on the fortnight to a packed ringside of buyers.

Leading Prices Per Head and Per Kg;


251-300kg Walkerdyke 267p, £780

301-350kg Lochlyoch 269.5p, Kirkton of Crawford £890

351-400kg Hamildean 244.6p, Gair £960

401-450kg Dovecot 257.2p, £1,070

451-500kg South Stane 227.9, Braidwood £1,050

501-550kg Braidwood 211.1p, East Badallan £1,100

551-600kg Corramore 208p, £1,165

601-650kg Kirklands 175.2p, £1,000


251-300kg Langholm 216.8p, £620

301-350kg Lochlyoch 259p, £860

351-400kg West Glespin 247.2p

401-450kg Parkgatestone 236.1p, £1,020

451-500kg South Stane 216.5p, Netherurd Mains £1,020

501-550kg Highlawside 217.1p, Bowridge £1,110

551-600kg Netherurd Mains 210.1p, £1,185


Monthly Breeding Sale

Plenty more could have been sold to the large audience present. Top price of the day was at 2800gns for a Lim bull from Normande Limousin, Cowford, Cleghorn. Leading the heifers and calves was a Lim x hfr with her bull calf at foot selling a 2,750gns from S. Whiteford, St Johns Kirk, Symington.

Leading Prices;

Bulling heifers – Balgornie (Lim) £1,320, £1,090, £1,070. Greentowers (Lim x) £1,160, £1,080

Cows with calves – St Johns Kirk £2,250, Carstairs Mains £1,850, £1,800. High Bellochantuy £1,600 x 2

Heifers with calves – St Johns Kirk £2,750, £2,450, £2,380, £2350 x3