Tue 15 October [Store & Breeding Cattle]

Store & Breeding Cattle

Sale Date: Tue 15 October

Lanark, Lawrie and Symington Ltd sold 304 store cattle.

Bullocks (188) averaged 233.2p to 277p per kg for a pen of 352kg (Lim x) from T. Wilson, Burnbrae, Lesmahagow and £1,340 gross for a 570kg (AA x) from H. & J. Brewster, The Thistle, Auchengray.

Heifers (116) averaged 217.6p to 268.8p per kg for a pen of 506kg (Lim x) from I. Ross & Son, Greenhill, Wiston and £1,360 gross for a 506kg (Lim x) from I. Ross & Son, Greenhill, Wiston

A good show for quality saw all classes of store cattle maintain recent high rates.

Leading Prices per head and per kg;


251-300kg Burnbrae £720, 244.9p

301-350kg Burnbrae £805, 254.8p

351-400kg Burnbrae £1,000, 277p

401-450kg Burnbrae £1,160, Drumelzier Place 271.1p

451-500kg Bankhead £1,220, 249p

501-550kg Forth Mains £1,280, The Thistle 245.1p

551-600kg The Thistle £1,340, 235.1p


251-300kg Back Hareshaw £610, Langholm 209p

301-350kg Burnbrae £770, 221.3p

351-400kg Craighead £960, 240p

401-450kg Bickerton Hall £1,090, 253.5p

451-500kg Bankhead £1,090, 230.9p

501-550kg Greenhill, Wiston £1,360, 268.8p

Breeding Cattle – Top price of the day was £1,700 achieved twice. Firstly for a BRB hfr with her calf at foot from J. Lindsay and Sons, Castlebrocket, Strathaven then again for a Limousin hfr with her calf at foot from A. W. Bryson, Mafflat, Quarter.

Other leading prices;

Heifers with calves – Castlebrocket £1,600, £1600, £1,420

Cows with calves – Graystale £1,250