Sat 29 August [Rare and Minority Breed sale]

Rare and Minority Breed sale

Sale Date: Sat 29 August

Rare and Minority Breed sale (show and sale of Shetland sheep)

Lawrie and Symington held its Annual Rare and Minority Breed sale with 1040 Lots Forward consisting of 260 Shetland sheep, 121 Hebridean sheep, 340 various other breeds of sheep 76 Goats, 11 Horses and 6 Cattle, Llamas & pigs and 226 Lots of poultry and water fowl.

In the national show and sale of Shetland sheep were topped at £110 Twice which the first being a ram lamb from S&C Grist, Flutherswood and the second a Gimmer from L Carruthers, Cronklea.

Other leading Prices;

Ram (one shear and over); £100(x2) Rommanno Mains and Broomhills, £90(x3) 2 Forteviot Gardens, Fieldview and Honey Suckle Cottage, £85 and £70 2 Forteviot Gardens, £70 South Clutag

Ram Lambs; £110 Flutherswood, £65 & £55 Cronklea

Ewe (having nursed lamb 2015); £100 Middletown, £50(x2) Fieldview, £50 Cronklea

Gimmers; £110 Cronklea, £105 Middletown, £90 Rommanno Mains, £78, £72 Cronklea, £70 Fieldview, £56(x2) Rammanno Mains.

Ewe Lambs; £85 Rosebank, £65 Cronklea, £60 Rosebank, £60 Cronklea, £48 Breoch Park

The Scottish show & sale of hebridean shee was topped at £500 for a shearling from C.Cassie, Bramble cottage. This was the first time for the society to hold their show and sale with Lawrie and Symington with the whole event to be deemed a success.

Other leading prices;

Rams (one shear and over) £500 Bramble Cottage, £440, £320 Brinsop Hall Farm, £200 Sycamore House, £180 Ardoch House.

Gimmers; £210 Sycamore House, £210 Sycamore house, £210 Brinsop Hall Farm, £190,£150(x2) Brinsop Hall Farm, £140 Sycamore House, £110 Brinsop Hall, £105 Craig  - A – Moor, £100 Kirkland, £100 (x2) Boreland Farm.

Ewe Lambs; £150 Carig – A – Moor, £100(x4), £90(x3) all from Lanquitts Farm, £80,£70 Boreland Farm

In various other breeds of sheep section topping the trade at £400 was a wlsh badger faced Gimmer from D Roberston, Craigdarroch

Other leading prices;

£350 (Roug ram) East Hyndshawland, £300(x2)(Ryeland Ewe) Bennel Cattages, £300 (Kerry Hill Ewe) East  Hyndshawland, £200 (Rouge Ram) East Hyndshawland, £160 (Icelandic Ram) Windy Gowl

The goats were topped at £260 For a Boer X From Laigh Kyleston

Other Leading Prices;

£250 Laigh Kyleston, £210(x2) Heads of Ayr Farm Park, £210, £190 Laigh Stonehall Rd, £180, £170 Heads of Ayr Farm Park, £160 Laigh Stonehall Rd

Poultry and water fowl; sold to £120 For Rhode Island Red (POL) form Woodend Farm. Other leading prices - £98 White leghorn Pullets, £88 Pair of Call Ducks, £88 Pair Smooth Breasted Sebastopol Gees, £82,£78,£75 for 3 Welsummer Pullets, £72 4 Light Sussex Pullets, £72 Pair of Call Ducks, £70 4 Light Sussex Pullets, £70 Broody hen with white Guinea Fowl Chicks, £70 Lohmann Brown Pullets(POL), £68 2 Peafowl Chicks, £65 Silver Sussex, £65 Khaki X Runner Ducks, £62 Trio Large White Silkies.