Mon 9 September [Primestock Report – 9th...]

Primestock Report – 9th September 2013

Sale Date: Mon 9 September

Lanark: On Monday September 9th September  Lawrie and Symington Ltd sold 34 Prime Cattle, 61 Cast Cows and 3321 Prime and Cast Sheep at their weekly sale.

Dairy cattle (4) averaged £1,780 a rise of £150 on the fortnight. Top price was £1,950 for a Hol hfr from J. H. Ballantyne & Son, Highlawside, Glassford.

Prime Cattle; A Top price of 271p per kg was realised for a 555kg Lim hfr from David Dickinson, Brockwoodlees, Canonbie and was purchased by Hugh Black Butchers, Lanark/Carluke. Butchers cattle averaged 249.7p per kg.

Lim blks – (heavy) Mid Hartwood 252p, Lower Shieldhill 247p, West Dykes 241p[, Birkhill 240.5p (light) Brockwoodlees 267p, East Millrigg 243.5p, Lower Shieldhill 240.5p, Birkhill 229p. Sim – Parkerston 229p. AA – Lonsdale 209.5p. Fries – Westtown 183.p, Lonsdale153.5p.

Cast cows; Beef cows; (29) averaged 141p per kg and sold to 169p for a 780kg Smx from Firm of Martyn Ward, West Mains, Newbigging  and to £1,335 for an 820kg Smx from Firm of Martyn Ward, West Mains, Newbigging .

Dairy Cows; (23) averaged 113p per kg and sold to 142p and to £1,055 for a 745kg Hf from W. McGregor & Son, East Law, Carluke.

Otm; (6) averaged 114p per kg and sold to 148p or to £975 for a 660kg Bsh hfr from D. Clarkson & Sons, Woodlands, Carmichael.

Bulls; (3) averaged 130p per kg and sold to 136p for a 735kg Lim from A. Gibb, Birkhill, Lesmahagow and to £1,375 for a 1,020kg Sm from W. Moffat & Sons, East Tarbrax, Shotts.

Leading Prices per Head; Beef – West mains (Smx) £1,335, West Mains (Smx) £1,315, Eastshield (Chx) £1,175, Poldean (Sal) £1,155, Poldean (Sa) £1,135, Kirkwood (Chx) £1,135, West mains (Smx) £1,135. Dairy – W~East Law (Hf) £1,055, Highlawside (Hf) £965, Hill (Hfx) £945, Burnfoot (Hf) £895, Greentowers (Hf) £885, Blyth (Ho) £855. Otm – Woodlands (Bsh) £975, Blyth (Hf) £935, Blyth (Ho) £735.

Leading prices per kg – Beef – West Mains (Smx) 169p, Kirkwood (Chx) 168p, West Mains (Smx) 163p, Poldean (Sal) 158p, Kirkwood (Lim) 158p, Poldean (Sa) 157p. Dairy – East Law (Hf) 142p, Hill (Hfx) 141p, Burnfoot (Hf) 134p, Highlawside (Hf) 127p, Greentowers (Hf) 126p, Woodhead (Hf) 124p.

Otm – Woodlands (Bsh) 148p, Blyth (Hf) 138p, Blyth (Ho) 121p.

Prime and Cast Sheep; New Season Lambs (2165) averaged 170.4p per kg and sold to 208.1p per kg for 43kg Tex from R. & M. Struthers, Collielaw, Carluke and to £95 gross for 47kg Tex from R. Parkin, Daviesdyke, Newmains.

40 Light Lambs (25-32kgs) averaged 155.1p per kg to a top of 163.3p per kg for B. Face form P. M. Brown, Newbridge, Carstairs. Tex – £47 Old Pentland. B. Face – £49 Newbridge.

267 Medium Lambs (32.1-39kgs) averaged 170.1p per kg to a top of 196.1p per kg for a Bel from JJ. & I. Fleming, Kinnox, Douglas.  Tex – £69 Dovecot, £68 Auchenbart, £66 Back Hareshaw. Bel – £74.50 & £71.50 Kinnox, £74 Muirhouse, £69 Dovecot. Char – £66 Auchenbart. S. Mule – £55 Perryflatts.

1583 Standard Lambs (39.1-45kgs) averaged 170.7p per kg and sold to a top of 208.1p per kg for a Tex from R. & M. Struthers, Collielaw, Carluke. Tex – £89.50 Collielaw, £88 Daviesdyke, £87 East Shawtonhill. Bel – £90 carwood, £88 Daviesdyke, £87 East Shawtonhill. £88 Calton. Suff – £78.50 Carwood, £77.50 Sunnyside, £75.50 Drochil Castle. Chev – £74 St Johns Kirk. Char – £75 Lochhill. S. Mule – £71 Cloverhill, £70 Whinbush, £69.50 Blindburn. B. Face – £75 East Cauldcoats.

275 Heavy Lambs (45.1+kgs) averaged 170.6p per kg selling to 202.1p per kg for a Tex from R. Parkin, Daviesdyke, Newmains. Tex – £95 Daviesdyke, £95 & £91 Eastlaw, £93.50 Dykehead, £92.50 Yardbent. Suff – £89 & £86 Langshaw, £84 Carwood, £82 Sunnyside.

Cast Ewes & Rams; (1156) Ewes – Tex – Boat £105.50, Mid Shawtonhill £104.50, Sunnyside £102.50, Little Kype £100. Suff – Dykehead £89.50, leadburnlea £89.50. G. face – Netherton £65.50, Firth Mains £64.50. B. face – Spango £58.50, Cloverhill £57.50. Chev – St Johns Kirk £69.50, Kinnox £68.50. rams – Tex – Leadburnlea £104.50, Rusha £99.50.