Sale Date: Mon 8 May


Prime Cattle and Young Bulls  – The Scottish Limousin Club held their Annual Show  & Sale of Prime Cattle at Lanark on Monday 08th May . The Overall Champion this year was awarded to a Limousin Heifer from David Dickinson, Brockwoodlees, Canonbie, scaling 502kg and sold for 252p per kg or £1265.04 and was purchased by the Judge Gordon Opray, WW Wales, Kilmarnock. The 21 Show Cattle forward averaged 240.5p per kg.

Limousin Bullocks (heavy); Collielaw 238p, Kittymuirhill 236p, (light); Hill 243p, Kittymuirhill 236p, Fries; Millhill 163.5p. Limousin Heifers (heavy); Brockwoodlees 247p, Muirburn 242p, Oldhill 238p, Auchenstarry 238p, Heatheryhall 233p, West Dykes 233p. (Light); Brockwoodlees 252p, Collielaw 250p, Muirburn 245p, Heatheryhall 236p, Oldhill 235p, West Dykes 230p.


Cast Cows and Bulls (100) – BB Cow sold to £1235 or 163p from Messrs Struthers, Greenbank Farm, Carluke. Hol Cow sold to £1005 or 127p from Messrs Smith, Greentowers Farm, Lanark. Beef Cow per head; Sim £1155 East Merkland, AA £1155 Yondercroft, BB £1235 Greenbank, Luing £1035 Brownhill, Lim £1115 Posso, £1125 Traquaire Knowe, £1175 Westtoun, £1145 Highlawside. Beef Cow per Kilo; Sim 153p East Merkland, AA 153p Yondercroft, 163p Greenbank, Luing 147p Brownhill, Lim; 160p Posso, 170p Traquaire Knowe. Dairy Cows per head; Hol £905 Boag, £1005 Greentowers, £945 Netherholm. Fr £965 Hawksland, £945 Tanhill, £905 Mid Hartwood, £935 South Gilmerton. Ayr £825 Swaites. Dairy Cow per Kilo; Hol 116p Boag, 127p Greentowers, Fr; 129p Hawksland, 130p Tanhill, 127p Mid Hartwood.


New Season Lambs (20) averaged 237p a rise of 16.6p on the week. Top Price per head £124, Top Price per kg 254p. Lambs per head; Tex £124 Parkhouse, Tex £116 Gilmeadowsland, Tex £115 Balgreen, Tex £111 Gilmeadowsland, Cont £106 Haggs, Sx £100.50 Gillbank. Price per kg; Tex 257p Gilmeadowland, Tex 254p Gilmeadowland, Tex 252p Gilmeadowland, Tex 250p Balgreen, Cont 248p Parkhouse, Cont 240p Haggs, Sx 223p Gillbank.


Prime Hoggets (1488) averaged 178.2p a rise of 6.3p on the week. Top Price per kg 254p. Tex £112 Wellhead, Tex £105 Wellhead, Bel £103.50 (twice) Wellhead, Belt £97.50 Dykehead, Cont £97.50 Wellheads, Cont £96.50 Dykehole, BF £86 Hartside, BF £85 South Carnduff, BF £83 Weston, BF £82.50 Hartside, Chev £89.50 Provest Melrose Place, Chev £89 Newton of Crathie, Mule £82 Dykehole, Mule £82 Woodhouse. Per Kg; Tex 254p Wellhead, Tex 238p Wellhead, Bel 225p Wellhead, Bel 218p Wellhead, Cont 207p Eastfield, Cont 206p Kirkwood, Bf 198p Weston, , Bf 197p South Carnduff, Chev 202p Newton of Crathie, X 192p Cauldcoats, X 186p Dykehole.


Cast Sheep –  Cast Ewes (441) averaged £72.88, Top Price was £146.50 for a Tex. Export Ewes (165) averaged £60.09, Top Price was £86.50 (Chev), Heavy Ewes (267) averaged £81.25, Top Price was £134 (Tex).

Ewes; £146.50 Hillhead, Tex £134.50 Dreva, Tex £133.50 Candermains, Tex £129.50 Sandilands, Sx £107.50 Coxhill, Sx £106.50 Sandilands, Beltex £127.50 Mid Shawtonhill, Bel £11650 Millside, X £84.50 Silverigg,X £84.50 Easter Sills, BF £72.50 Woodhouse, BF £67.50 Threestanes, Chev £90.50 South Arnloss, Chev £90.50 Kinnox. Tups; Tex £102.50 Rullion Green, BF £70.50 Millbank, Chev £102.50 South Arnloss, Sx £100.50 Kailzie Mains.