Mon 13 June [Primestock]


Sale Date: Mon 13 June

 (974) Prime and Cast Sheep; (401) New Season Lambs averaged 195.2p per kg and sold to 228.6p kg for 42kg Texels from A Middleton, Longford, West Calder and sold to £99.50 gross for 55kg Suffolks from J & S Clark, West Shawtonhill, Chapelton. (309) Hgts averaged 132.8 per kg and sold to 165.0p per kg for 50kg Suffolks from W & M Brown, Mount Lothian, Penicuik and to £94.50 for 70kg Texels from M. Peat, Greenhill, Lesmahagow. 401 Prime Lambs averaged 195.2p per kg – Top 228.6p per kg for Texels from A Middleton, Longford, West Calder. Tex - £99.50 Nether Skellyhill; £96.00 Longford; £95.50 East Brackenridge. Beltex - £94.00 High Parks; £90.00 Haspielaw; £88.00 Gillbank. Suf - £99.50 West Shawtonhill; £94.00 Balleny; £93.50 Dykehead. Char - £85.50 Grangehall. Rouge - £95.00 Haspielaw.   309 Prime Hoggets averaged 132.8p per kg – Top 165.0p per kg for Suffolks from W & M Brown, Mount Lothian, Penicuik. Tex- £94.50 Greenhill; £85.50 Townhead; £83.50 Parkhouse. Suf - £89.50 Greenhill; £88.50 Mount Lothian; £85.00 Woodhouse. Chev - £79.00 Townfoot. 264 Cast Ewes & Tups to average £65.98. Cast Ewes – Tex – Strawfrank £118.50; East Shawtonhill £106.50; Nether Skellyhill £100 and £99.50. Suf – Cowgrove £95.50; Langside £90.50. Greyface – Newhouse £68.50; Westpark £67.50. Blackface – Logan £59.50 and £57.50. Chev – Muirhouse £58.50; Corehouse £57.50. Char – Langside £96.50. Beltex – Felton £96.50; Corstane £85.50. Cast Rams - Tex – Grangehall £97.50. Blackface – Broughton £57.50; Newbridge £57.50.


Prime Cattle (35) - Top Price of 243p per kg was realised for a 522kg Limousin Heifer from David Dickinson, Brockwoodlees, Canonbie and purchased by Hugh Black Butchers, Lanark/Carluke. Butchers Cattle sold to 228.2p.  Limousin Bullocks (heavy) - Birkhill 200p; Westtown 181.5p. Limousin Bullocks (Light) – Easter Frew 222p; Birkhill 205p. Friesian - Millhill 139p; Westtown 137.5p. Limousin Heifers (heavy) - Brockwoodlees 238p, Easter Frew 226p; Heatheryhall 218p. Limousin Heifers (light) Brockwoodlees 243p; Easter Frew 212p; Birkhill 196p. British Blue – Heatheryhall 234p; Brockwoodlees 232p. Friesian – Crookedstone 116.5p.


Cast Cows (49) Small but quality show. All classes slightly better on the week with top price on the day of £1435 for a Limousin Cow from Cowford Farm, which was also the top price per kil at 155.6p per kg. Dairy Cows topped at £825 for a Holstein Friesian from Kilbank or 118.9p per kg – this also being the top price per kg. Overall, Beef cows averaged £972.50 or 136.7p per kg; Dairy cows averaged £649.09 or 98.8p per kg; and Bulls averaged £895 or 104.6p per kg. Other leading prices - Beef Cows per head - £1435 and £1295 (Lim) Cowford; £1095 (Lim) Bogside; £1085 (AA) Wolfcrooks; £1085 (Lim) Haughhead; £1065 (Lim) Westerhouse; £1055 (Lim) Muirburn; £1005 (Ch) Dykehole; £975 (Sim) Haughhead. Beef Cows per Kilo – 155.6p (Lim) Cowford; 154.1p (Lim) Haughhead; 149.4p (Lim) Muirburn; 148.9p (Lim) Cowford; 148.4 (Lim) Bogside; 143.9p (Lim) Muirburn; 140.8p (Ch) Dykehole; 139.9 (Lim) Townhead; 137.7p (Sim) Haughhead. Dairy Cows per Head - £825 (HF) Kilbank; £795 (HF) Branchalburn; £785 (Ho) Quothquan Mill; £765 (HF) Branchalburn; £765 (Ayr) Newlands; £745 (HF) and £735 (HF) Shotlinn; £725 (Ho) Quothquan Mill; £705 (Ayr) Swaites; £685 (HF) Dykehead. Dairy Cows per Kilo – 118.9p Kilbank; 115.5p and 111.2p Quothquan Mill; 108.7p Branchalburn; 107.7p Shotlinn; 106.6p Branchalburn; 106.4p Kilbank; 102.5p Quothquan Mill; 101.3p Swaites; 101.2p Newlands; 100.2p Branchalburn. Bulls - £895 or 104.6p (Lim) Easter Frew.