Mon 22 June [Primestock]


Sale Date: Mon 22 June

Lawrie and Symington sold 1 Dairy Cow60 Prime Cattle, 67 Cast Cows, 6 Calves  and 903 Prime and Cast Sheep at their weekly sale on the 22nd of June 2015. Prime Cattle - A top price of 243p/kg was realised for a 608kg Limousin heifer from David Dickinson, Brockwoodlees, Canonbie and Purchased by Hugh Black Sons, Butchers Lanark/Carluke. Butchers Cattle sold to average 233.3p. Limousin Blks Muirburn 232p, Birkhill 217.5p Sim – Lephenstrath 189p, Eastfield of Wiston.  British Blue - West Backs 196.5p, AA – West Backs 191.5p, MRI – Shaws 156p BSH – Shaws 174.5p. Friesian – West Darlochan 167.5p, West Backs 165.5p, Westtown 159.5p, Lephenstrath 155p Limousin Hfrs (heavy) Brockwoodlees 243p, Heatheryhall 234p,Muirburn 232p (light) Brockwoodlees 240p, Heatheryhall 233p, Birkhill 222p British Blue  - Brockwoodlees 242p,West Darlochan 202p, West Backs 190.5p. AA – West Backs 199p. Young bull’s Lim – West Glespin cows and bulls slightly smaller show of 67 cast cows and bulls. BBX Cow sold to £1315 From M/s Meikle Dykehole Farm, Chapelton. Lim Cow sold to 171p From M/s Shanks, West Glespin Farm, Douglas. Holstein Cow sold to £905 from M/s Bryson Dykehead, Lesmahagow. FR Cow sold to 126p From M/s Reid, Bengall, Lockerbie. 36 beef cows averaged 134.2p. Top Price Per head BB - £1315 Dykehole. AA - £1175 Nether Abington, £965 Logan, £925 Whitelees, Lim - £1155 Cloverhill, £1145 Blackhill, £1225 West Glespin, Gall - £725 Haswellsykes Per Kilo BB – 169p Dykehole. AA – 151p Nether Abington, 131p Logan, 133p Whitelees. Lim – 165p Cloverhill, 164p Blackhill, 171p West Glespin. Gall – 127p Haswellsykes. 30 Dairy cow averaged 106.7p. Per head Fr - £905 Bengall, £725 Boghall. Hol - £905 Dykehead, £885 Bengall, £865 Blyth Per Kilo FR – 126p Bengall, 110p Boghall. Hol – 120p Bengall, 117p Blyth, 108p Dykehead. Cast Bull Hol - £1095 Over Dalserf Store Cattle Lawrie and Symington had forward a small show of store cattle which sold at brisk rates. Top price of £1275 Paid for a pen of Angus X heifers from Messrs WAB & ME Noble, Lochurd, West Linton. Highest Price Blk was £990 for a pen of Charolais Crosses from Mr W Semple, Barmulloch, Carradale, Campbeltown. Blks sold to 244p/kg for Charolais Crosses from Barmulloch and Heifers to 212p/kg for a British Blue X Hfr from Lochurd  

Prime and Cast Sheep;  New Season Lambs (600) averaged 179.4p and sold to 207.3p for a 41kg pen of Texel from J Black, Drochil Castle, Peebles and to £92 gross for a 53kg pen of Beltex from WP Frame, Haspielaw, Hamilton. Hoggets (121) averaged 133.8 pp/kg and sold to 150p per kg for a 40kg pen of Blackface from G Clark & Co, Wellhead, Livingston And to £87.50 gross for a 65Kg pen of Texel from Mrs K Wight, Midlock, Crawford. Tex – £87.50 Midlock, £84.50 Wellhead. Suff - £74 Bank, S. Mule - £69 West Shawtonhill 158 Medium Lambs averaged 186.5 pp/kg Top 192.3 pp/k for Beltex From J.B Currie, Haswellsykes, Peebles Tex – £72 Harestonehill, £72 Westmains, £71 High Crewburn. Bel - £75 Haswellsykes, £72 Westmains. Char - £72 Haswellsykes Standard Lambs averaged 181.1 pp/kg Top 207.3 for Texel from J Black, Drochil Castle Peebles. Tex – £88, £82.50 Longford, £87 Bengal, £85 Drochil Castle. Bel - £84 Ingraston, £80 Clonhie, £79 Haspielaw. Suff - £79 Kailzie Mains, £77.50 Burnetland, £77.50 Addiewell. Heavy Lambs (74) averaged 164.4 pp/kg. Top 182.6 pp/kg for Beltex from W & P Frame Haspielaw, Hamilton. Tex - £87 Bengal, £83.50 Skerrington Mains, £83 Ryeflatt, Bel - £92, £84 Haspielaw, £82.50 Westmains. Suff - £81 West Shawtonhill, £80.50 Addiewell.

167 Cast Ewes and Rams averaged £76.13 cast ewes Tex – Midlock £128.50, £126.50, Boat £121.50, Ryeflatt £114.50, Wellheads £110.50. Suff – Dreva £104.50, West Shawtonhill £101.50. G. Face – Bank £84.50, Dreva £82.50. Blackface – Kingside £67.50, Bank £62.50. Chev – Kingside £97.50, Auchenbart £76.50.  Cast Rams Tex – Midlock £128.50. Blackface – Kingside £89.50