Mon 25 August [Primestock]


Sale Date: Mon 25 August

Lawrie & Symington Ltd sold 50 Prime Cattle, 44 Cast Cows, 3699 Prime and Cast Sheep at their weekly sale on 25th August 2014.

Prime Cattle; (51) a top price of 243p per kg was realised for a 542kg BB hfr from D. Dickinson, Brockwoodlees, Canonbie and purchased by Hugh Black Butchers, Lanark/Carluke. Butchers cattle sold to average 228.2p per kg.

Lim blks – (heavy) Brockwoodlees 228p, West Dykes 210.5p, Westtown 197.5p, Hill 195.5p. Sim – Lephenstrath 198p, West Darlochan 185.5p. BB – Craigthornhill 188p, West Backs 181.5p. Hfd – Crofthead 192. AA – Crookedstonemuir 187.5p, West Backs 184.5. Fries – Mid Hartwood 164.5p, West Darlochan 155p, Westtown 153.5p, South Lanridge 151p, West Backs 149p.

Lim hfrs – (heavy) Brockwoodlees 239p, Muirburn 229p, Machribeg 221p 239p, Muirburn 225p. Charl – Machribeg 226p. BB – Brockwoodlees 243p. Sim – Halls of Carnduff 188p.


Cast cows; Beef; (11) averaged 118p per kg and sold to 135p for a 658kg Lim x from B. Campbell, Howes Way, Carstairs and to £945 for a 768kg Hex from D. P. Lang & Son, Wellhead, Cleghorn.

 Dairy; (20) averaged 74p per kg and sold to 105p and to £795 for a 760kg Hf from D. H. Russell, Burnfoot, Quothquan.

Otm; (10) averaged 97p per kg and sold to 152p and to £935 for a 616kg Lim hfr from A. G. Black & Son, Tangy, Campbeltown.

Bull (3) sold to 115p per kg and sold to 142p and £1,255 for an 882kg Brb from Allison, Muirburn, Skirling.

Leading Prices per head; Beef – Wellhead (Hex) £945, Tangy (Lim) £915, Strawfrank (Lim) £885, Greenbank (Hex) £885, Hundleshope (AAx) £875. Dairy – Burnfoot (Hf) £795, Forrest (Hf) £675, West Darlochan (Ho) £645, Burnfoot (Hf) £615. Otm – Tangy (Lim) £935, Hundleshope (Lim) £675, Loanfoot (Hf) £635.

Leading prices per Kg; Beef – Strawfrank (Lim) 135p, Hundleshope (AAx) 131p, Wellhead (Hex) 124p, 123p, Tangy (Lim) 122p. Dairy – Burnfoot (Hf) 105p, Forrest (Hf) 100p, Burnfoot (Hf) 94p, West Darlochan (Hf) 90p. Otm – Tangy (Lim) 152p, Hundleshope (Lim) 113p, Loanfoot (Hf) 111p.

Prime and Cast Sheep; (3699)  New Season Lambs (2785) averaged 164.8p per kg and sold to 207p per kg for a 43kg pen of Beltex from A. M. Hope, Nether Skellyhill, Lesmahagow and to £89.50 gross for a pen of 48kg pen of Texel’s from M.G. Masterton, Burnetland, Broughton.

237 Medium Lambs (32.1-39kgs) averaged 164.9p per kg to a top of 184.2p per kg for a pen of Beltex from R. H. S. Muirhead, Auldtown, Lesmahagow. Tex – £66 Back Hareshaw, £65 Ferniehaugh. Bel - £70 & £68 Auldtown, £67 Normangill, £66 Muirhouse & Dalblain. Char - £65 Normangill.

2185 Standard Lambs (39.1-45kgs) averaged 165.8p per kg and sold to a top of 207per kg for a pen of Beltex from A. M. Hope, Nether Skellyhill, £77.50 Dovecot. Suff – £74.50 Drochil Castle, £72.50 Netherhill, £72 Hardington Mains & Fountainside. Char - £74.50 £72 Haspielaw. S. Mule - £67 Hartside, £66 Scrogton, £65 Sunnyside.

357 Heavy Lambs (45.1-52kgs) averaged 155.9p per kg Top 186.5p per kg for a pen of Texel’s from M. G. Masterton, Burnetland, Broughton. Tex - £89.50 Burnetland, £84 Bengal, £83.50 Collielaw, £83 Newmill. Suff - £80.50 Nether Skellyhill, £79 Eastlaw, £79 Hazelside. S. Mule - £69 High Dyke, £68.501 Cloverhill, £66.50 Sunnyside.

Cast Ewes & Rams; (914) averaged £56.35 Ewes – Tex – Parkhouse £108.50, Mitchellhill £107.50, Auchtygemmel £105.50, Collielaw £99.50. Suff – Lawhead £101.50, Woodhouse £93.50. G. Face – Newmill £80.50, High Parks £80.50. B. Face – Mitchellhill £69.50, Little Galla £68.50. Chev – Auchenbart £83.50, Kinnox £80.50. Char – Normangill £92.50. Rams – Tex – East Shawtonhill £112.50. B. face – Glendouran £69.50. Bel – Eastlaw £127.50.