Mon 18 August [Primestock]


Sale Date: Mon 18 August

Lawrie & Symington Ltd sold 4 Dairy Cattle, 13 Calves, 51 Prime Cattle, 53 Cast Cows, 2659 Prime and Cast Sheep at their weekly sale on 18th August 2014.

Dairy Cattle (4) averaged £1550. Top Price was £1980 for a Ho Hfr in Milk from A & M Watt, Meadowbank Farm, Ashgill. Hfrs in-milk – Meadowbank £1,980, £1,620, Home Farm £1,320.

Calves (13) Bull – Parkend (Hf) £135, £100, £100. Loanfoot (Hf) £120. Hfrs – Parkend (BRBx) £195.

Prime Cattle; (51) a top price of 243p per kg was realised for a 544kg BB hfr from D. Dickinson, Brockwoodlees, Canonbie and purchased by J. & H. Cairns Butchers, Law. Butchers cattle sold to average 225.4p per kg.

Lim blks – (heavy) Brockwoodlees 231p, Howburn 226p, West Dykes 205p (light) Howburn 209.5p, Hill 197p. Hfd – Crofthead 202.5p, Under Shieldhill 196.5p. AA – Threestanes 199p. Fries – High Blackwoodyards 165p, Mid Hartwood 157.5p, South Landridge 155p, Millhill 141p.

Lim hfrs – (heavy) Brockwoodlees 237p, Muirburn 231p, Kepscaith 211p, Birkhill 209p, Greenhill 209p (light)Brockwoodlees 239p, Muirburn 234p, Kepscaith 233p, Muirmains 206p, Under Shieldhill 204p,Birkhill 203p. BB – Brockwoodlees 243p. BA – Brockwoodlees 241p. Char – Greenhill 205.5p. Sim – Westmains 209p. Fries – Loanfoot 152p.

Cast cows; Beef; (17) averaged 127p per kg and sold to 149p for a 608kg Lim from A. Lindsay, Kepscaith, Longridge and to £1,045 for a 712kg BBx from R. Bell, Hardgatehead, Auchengray.

 Dairy; (28) averaged 84p per kg and sold to 110p and to £935 for a 852kg Hf from A. Waddell & Son, Dewshill, Salsburgh.

Otm; (7) averaged 102p per kg and sold to 146p and to £935 for a 642kg AAx hfr from B. Campbell, Strawfrank, Carstairs.

Bull (1) sold to 129p per kg and £1,135 for an 880kg Lim from J. A. Hutchinson, Roberton Mains, Dolphinton.

Leading Prices per head; Beef – Hardgatehead (BBx) £1,045, Sunnyside (Lim) £995, Stair (Lim) £935, Parkerston (Lim) £905, Kepscaith (Lim) £905, Hardgatehead (BBx) £905. Dairy – Dewshill (Hf) £953, Craigthorn (Hf) £765, Hawksland (Nrx) £765, Longlea (Ho) £735, Hawksland (Bfx) £735. Otm – Strawfrank (AAx) £935, Parkerston (Smx) £785, Culterallers (AAx) £625.

Leading prices per Kg; Beef – Kepscaith (Lim) 149p, Hardgatehead (BBx) 147p, Sunnyside (Lim) 143p, Hardgatehead (BBx) 141p, Clachaig (He) 127p. Dairy – Hawksland (Hf) 110p, Hawksland (Nrx) 103p, Craigthorn (Hf) 103p, Longlea (Ho) 103p, Hawksland (Bfx) 100p. Otm – Strawfrank (AAx) 146p, Parkerston (Smx) 137p, Culterallers (AAx) 116p.

Prime and Cast Sheep; (2659)  New Season Lambs (2059) averaged 163.5p per kg and sold to 209.5p per kg for a 42kg pen of Texel’s from R. Hamilton, Mid Shawtonhill, Strathaven and to £88 gross for a pen of 42kg Texels’s from R. Hamilton, Mid Shawtonhill, Strathaven.

171 Medium Lambs (32.1-39kgs) averaged 163.9p per kg to a top of 182.9p per kg for a pen of Beltex from A. & E. Lawrie, Grangehall, Pettinain. Tex – Threestanes £67, Dykehead £66. Bel – Drumbuie £64.50, Grangehall £64. Suff – Dykehead £66, Drumbuie £64. S. Mule – Fallside £60, B. Face Howslack £57.50.

1641 Standard Lambs (39.1-45kgs) averaged 164.1p per kg and sold to a top of 209.5per kg for a pen of Beltex from R. Hamilton, Mid Shawtonhill, Strathaven Tex – Mid Shawtonhill £88 & £85, Collielaw £85. Bel – Calla £86.50 & £80. Suff – Loanfoot £74, Netherhill £73.50, Howford £73.50. Chev Clonhie £71.50. Char – Hillridge £71.50, Laigh Cleughearn £70. S. Mule – Crookboat £65, Perryflatts £64.50. 

241 Heavy Lambs (45.1-52kgs) averaged 157p per kg Top 179.2p per kg for a pen of Texel’s from T. S. Chapman, Whitelees, Cleghorn. Tex – Whitelees £86, Laigh Alticane £84.50, Rusha £84.50, Mid Shawtonhill £83.50. Suff – Goodsburn £79.50, Bents £76.50, Netherurd Home Farm £82 & £81.50.   

Cast Ewes & Rams; (600) Ewes – Tex – Hillside £120.50, The Croft £118.50, Toftcombs. Suff – Carwood £92.50. G. Face – Laigh Cleughearn £88.50, Dykehead £87.50.B. face – Crosswoodburn £71.50, Crookboat £68.50. Chev – Boghouse £74.50. Rams – Suff – Glendouran £139.50.