Mon 28 July [Primestock]


Sale Date: Mon 28 July

Lawrie & Symington Ltd sold 37 Prime Cattle, 59 Cast Cows, 2055 Prime and Cast Sheep and 73 Store Cattle at their weekly sale on 28thJuly 2014.

Prime Cattle; (37) a top price of 238p per kg was realised for a 574kg Lim hfr from D. Dickinson, Brockwoodlees, Canonbie and purchased by S. Collins & Sons Butchers, Muirhead. Butchers cattle sold to average 222.9p per kg.

Lim blks – (heavy) Muirburn 214p, Under Shieldhill 210p, Westtown 206.5p, Boghall 196p (light) Under Shieldhill 206p, Netherhill 195.5p. Fries – Boghall 152p, Dykehead 140p, Westtown 139p. FKV – High Crewburn 168.5p. Hex – Crofthead 193.5p.

Lim hfrs – (heavy) Brockwoodlees 238p, Mid Shawtonhill 217p (light) Brockwoodlees 234p, Muirburn 229p. Sim – Westmains 209p. Bax – Brockwoodlees 230p. Young Bulls – Lim – Quothquan Milk – 154.5p. Fries – Quothquan Milk – 132p, Carlindean 128p. 

Cast cows; Beef; (21) averaged 120p per kg and sold to 155p and £1,205 for a 780kg Lim from Carmichael Estates, Carmichael.

Dairy; (26) averaged 88p per kg and sold to 137p and to £955 for a 724kg Hf from M. S. Woodside, Boghall, Biggar.

Otm; (10) averaged 114p per kg and sold to 174p and to £1,015 for a 484kg Lim hfr from S. Whiteford, St Johns Kirk, Symington.

Bulls; (2) averaged 84p per kg and sold to 94p for a 584kg Lim hfr from J. A. Hamelink, East Millrig, Wiston and to £775 for a 1008kg Ho from J. Bryson & Son, Dykehead, Lesmahagow.

Leading Prices per head; Beef – Carmichael Estate (Lim) £1,205, Cambwell (AAx) £1,105, Hill (AAx) £985, Poldean (Sal) £935, Poldean (Sax) £875, Hillend (Lim) £795. Dairy – Boghall (Hf) £995, Roadhead (Hf) £835, Boghall (Hf) £705, Roadhead (Hf) £695, Swaites (Ay) £675. Otm – St Johns Kirk (Lim) £1,015, St Johns Kirk (Lim) £935, Roadhead (Hf) £835.

Leading prices per Kg; Beef – Carmichael Estate (Lim) 155p, Cambwell (AAx) 139p, Hill (AAx) 132p, Hillend (Lim) 130p, Poldean (Sax) 127p. Dairy – Boghall (Hf) 137p, Loanfoot (Hf) 119p, Roadhead (Hf) 112p, High Crewburn (Bf) 109p, Boghall (Hf) 101p. Otm – St Johns Kirk (Lim) 174p, St Johns Kirk (Lim) 155p, St Johns Kirk (Lim) 137p.

Prime and Cast Sheep; (2055)  New Season Lambs (1543) averaged 161.2p per kg and sold to 212.2p per kg for a pen of 41kg Texel from R. & M. Struthers, Collielaw, Carluke and to £90.50 gross for a pen of 44kg Tex from R. & M. Struthers, Collielaw, Carluke.

181 Medium Lambs (32.1-39kgs) averaged 162.6p per kg to a top of 169.2p per kg for a pen of Texel’s from B. W. & J. Orr, Dykehead, Chapelton.  Tex - £66 Dykehead, £65.50 Ampherlaw, £65 Dykehead. Bel - £65 Felton. Suff - £62.50 Burnton. Lleyn - £63.50 Muirhouse.

1212 Standard Lambs (39.1-45kgs) averaged 161.7p per kg and sold to a top of 212.2per kg for a pen of Texel’s from R. & M. Struthers, Collielaw, Carluke. Tex - £90.50 & £87 Collielaw, £84.50 High Parks, £84.50 Stramolloch. Bel - £84 Calla, £77.50 East Cauldcoats. Suff - £71 Netherhill, £70 Lawhead, £70 Kailzie Mains. Char - £67.50 & £67 Normangill.

150 Heavy Lambs (45.1-52kgs) averaged 155.9p per kg Top 181.9p per kg for a pen of Suff x from W. & A. M. Aitken, Scotstonbank, Blyth Bridge. Tex - £85.50 & £84.50 Scotstonbank, £85.50 Slipperfield, £82.50 Laigh Crewburn, Bel - £79.50 Harestonehill. Suff - £82.50 Howford, £80.50 Carwood.

Cast Ewes & Rams; (483) Ewes – Tex – Nether Hangingshaw £114.50 & £101.50, North Garngour £103.50, Craig Douglas £99.50, Carlinside £98.50. Suff – Westtown £86.50, Spango Cottage £85.50. G. Face – South Slipperfield £78.50, Craigthorn £75.50. B. Face – Mitchellhill £68.50, Gair £66.50. Chev – Thornyhills £82.50. Icelandic – Windy Gowl £82.50. Rams – B. Face – Parkhall £77.50. Zwartble – Merkland £89.50.