Mon 21 July [Primestock]


Sale Date: Mon 21 July

Lawrie and Symington Ltd sold 15 Dairy Cattle, 44 Prime Cattle, 63 Cast Cows, 14 Calves and 3198 Prime and Cast Sheep at their weekly sale on the 21st July 2014.

Dairy Cattle (15) Top Price was £1850 for a Hol Heifer in milk from W Wilson Frame, Craigthornhill Farm, Glassford.

Cast Cow sale where 63 Cows Bulls and OTM Cattle were sold. Beef Cows (23) averaged 126p per kg and sold to 166p and £1435 for an 864kg Lim from AF & R Cruickshank, Little Kype Farm, Strathaven. Dairy Cows (25) averaged 90p per kg and sold to 116p for a 584kg Hf from J Torrance & Son, Knowetop Farm, Quarter and to £885 for a 766kg Hf from J & W Baillie, Hillhead Farm, Thankerton. OTM (12) averaged 112p per kg and sold to 140p and £885 for a 744kg Ho Heifer from Firm of Robert Reid, Bengall Farm, Lockerbie. Bulls (3) averaged 111p per kg and sold to 121p and £1395 for a 1152kg Lim from Messrs Allison, Muirburn Farm, Skirling. Leading Prices per head; Beef – Little Kype (Lim) £1435, Blackhill (Lim) £1175, Anston (Sho) £1005, Blackhill (Lim) £1005, Blackhill (Bax) £975, Muirburn (Lim) £945. Dairy – Hillhead (Hf) £885, Langside (Ay) £865, Langside (Ay) £855, Longlea (Ho) £835, Bengall (Ho) £795, Bengall (Ho) £795. OTM – Bengall (Ho) £885, Bengall (Ho) £875.                                                              Leading Prices per kg; Beef – Little Kype (Lim) 166p, Blackhill (Lim) 157p, Muirburn (Lim) 156p, Blackhill (Lim) 155p, Blackhill (Bax) 141p, Anston (Sho) 133p, Dairy – Knowetop (Hf) 116p, Hillhead (Hf) 115p, Langside (Ay) 115p, Langside (Ay) 114p, Longlea (Ho) 113p, Bengall (Ho) 110p. OTM – Bengall (Ho) 140p, Bengall (Ho) 130p, Hills of Dalserf (Lim) 121p.

Prime Cattle A Top Price of 237p per kg was realized for a 558kg British Blue Heifer from David Dickinson, Brockwoodlees, Canonbie and purchased by Hugh Black Butchers Lanark / Carluke. Butchers Cattle sold to average 224.2p. Limousin Bullocks (heavy); Muirburn 224p, Westtown 191.5p, (Light) Howburn 208p, Charl; East Revoch 214p, Fries; West Darlochan 153p, Westtown 152.5p, West Backs 142p. Limousin Heifers (heavy); Brockwoodlees 237p, Under Shieldhill 209p,  (light) Brockwoodlees 236p, Howburn 213p, Under Shieldhill 211p, Sim; Westmains 211p, Low Knockrioch 195p, British Blue; Brockwoodlees 237p, Muirburn 224p, West Backs 193p, West Darlochan 185p, AA; West Backs 199.5p. Young Bulls; SA Poldean 146p, Lim Whitecraigs 123p, Fries; Whitecraigs 127p.

Prime and Cast Sheep; (3198)  New Season Lambs (2402) averaged 176.7 per kg and sold to 209.3p per kg for 43kg Beltex from R & M Struthers, Collielaw, Carluke and to £92 gross for 46kg Texel from R Reid, Bengal, Lockerbie.

374 Medium Lambs (32.1-39kgs) averaged 181.1 ppk – Top 197.4 ppk for Suffolk from Dalgleish Bros, Glasselfield, Lockerbie.

Texel; 74 Sandilands, 74 Chesterparks, 73 Newlands. Beltex; 75 Orchardton, 74.50 Muirhouse, 74 Henryton. Suff; 75 Glasselfield, 70 Dovecot, 69.50 Dykehead. Char; 68 Haswellsykes.

1890 Standard Lambs (39.1-45kgs) averaged 176.6 ppk – Top 209.3 ppk for Beltex from R & M Struthers, Collielaw, Carluke.

 Texel; 89 & 86.50 Bengall, 87 Whinbush, 85.50 Sornfallow, 85 Kirton of Crawford. Beltex; 90 Collielaw, 90 & 82 Newmill, 81.50 Dovecot. Suff; 75 Eastshield, 75 Greenhill, 74.50 Hardington Mains.

139 Heavy Lambs (45.1-52kgs) averaged 168.2 ppk – Top 200 ppk for Texel from R Reid, Bengal, Lockerbie.

Texel; 92.90 Bengal, 89 North Garngour, 85.50 High Parks, 85.50 Burnbrae. Beltex; 90.50 Orchardton, 90 High Parks. Suff; 85 Lamington Mains.

Cast Ewes & Rams; (619) averaged £58.28.

Cast Ewes Texel; Collielaw £126.50, Langside £126.50, Nether Skellyhill £118.50, Rusha £115.50. Suffolk; Langside £103.50. Greyface; Burnbrae £78.50, Perryflatts £77.50. Blackface; Dallowie £73.50, Perryflatts £71.50. Cheviot; Auchenbart £85.50, Cowford £80.50.

Cast Rams Blackface; Toxside £65.50. Charollais; Langside £125.50.