Mon 16 June [Primestock]


Sale Date: Mon 16 June

Lawrie & Symington Ltd sold 31 Prime Cattle, 62 Cast Cows, and 780 Prime and Cast Sheep.

Prime Cattle; A Top price of 238p per kg was realised for a 550kg Limousin Heifer from David Dickinson, Brockwoodlees, Canonbie and purchased by J & H Cairns Butchers, Law. Butcher Cattle sold to averaged 223.3p per kg. Limousin Bullocks (heavy); Howburn 222p, Calla 220p, West Dykes 207p, Friesian; Millhill 133p.

Limousin Heifers (heavy); Brockwoodlees 238p, Calla 221p, Muirmains 221p, Muirburn 221p, Howburn 219p, (Light); Brockwoodlees 235p, Muirburn 220p, Castlehill 212p, West Dykes 209p, Calla 209p, British Blue; Brockwoodlees 237p, Muirburn 231p. Young Bulls; Limousin 171p, Quothquan Mill.

Cast cows; 61 Cows, Bulls & OTM Cattle were sold. Beef Cows (16) averaged 122p per kg and sold to 156p for a 670kg Lim from AF & R Cruikshank, Little Kype Farm, Strathaven and to £1245 for an 836kg Lim from Mr S Whiteford, St Johns Kirk Farm, Biggar. Dairy Cows (31) averaged 104p per kg and sold to 135p for a 642kg NRx from W & E Watson, Midhall Farm, Elsrickle and to £955 for a 788kg Hf  from T & J Lambie, Drumbuie Farm, East Kilbride. OTM (12) averaged 100p per kg and sold to 147p and £875 for a 596kg Lim Hfr from Mr S Whiteford, St Johns Kirk Farm, Biggar. Bulls (2) averaged 98p per kg and sold to 108p for a 736kg Sm from Hugh M Jackson, Wolfclyde farm, Biggar and to £925 for a 1018kg Ay from J Adamson & Son, Swaites Farm, Biggar.

Leading Prices per head; Beef – St Johns Kirk (Lim) £1245, Little Kype (Lim) £1085, Little Kype (Lim) £1045, Goodockhill (AAx) £985, Goodockhill (Sax) £905. Dairy – Drumbuie (Hf) £955, Maidenburn (Bfx) £935, East Law (Hf) £935, Greentowers (Hf) £895, Midhill (NRx) £865, Blyth (Hf) £855.

Leading Prices per kg; Beef – Little Kype (Lim) 156p, Little Kype (Lim) 149p, St Johns Kirk (Lim) 149p, Goodockhill (AAx) 146p, Goodockhill (Sax) 135p. Dairy Cattle – Midhill (NRx) 135p, Midhill (Nrx) 129p, Maidenburn (Bfx) 126p, Drumbuie (Hf) 121p, Eastfield (Hf) 121p.

  Prime and Cast Sheep; New Season Lambs (423) averaged 234.8p per kg and sold to 271.3p per kg for 40kg Texel from R Reid, Bengal, Lockerbie and to £116.50 gross, for 48kg Texel from A. Neilson, East Brackenridge, Strathaven. 121 Medium Lambs (32.1-39kg) averaged 236.1p per kg, Top 259.2p per kg for Texel from JN & GN Wilkins, Wester Whitecastle, Biggar. Texel; £99.50 Henryton, £98.50 Wester Whitecastle, £96.50 Dechmont, £95.50 Townfoot. Beltex; £95.50 Drumcork, £90.50 Muirhouse. 286 Standard Hoggets (39.1-45kg) averaged 235.8p per kg Top 271.3p per kg for Texel from R Reid, Bengal, Lockerbie. Texel; £111.50 Dreva, £110.50 & £108.50 Bengal, £108.50 & £105.50 Henryton, £105 Hill. Beltex; £107.50 Rowantreehill. Suff; £110 & £100 Sunnyside, £99.50 Drochil Castle, £98.50 Glendouran. 16 Heavy Hoggets (45.1-52kgs) averaged 212.5p per kg, Top 243.6p per kg for Texel from A Neilson, East Brackenridge Strathaven, Texel; £116.50 & £114.50 Eat Brackenridge, £116.50 Cambwell, £111.50 Bengal, £109 Drochil Castle.

 289 Cast Ewes & Rams averaged £81.11. Cast Ewes; Texel; Midlock £147.50 & £128.50, East Brackenridge £134.50, Texel; Scrogtonhead £134.50, North Garngour £124.50, Suffolk; Dreva £115.50, Gillbank £107.50, Greyface; West Park £90.50 & £89.50, Muirhouse £88.50, Blackface;  Baddingsgill £77.50, Little Galla £76.50, Cheviot; Cowford £78.50, Sornfallow £76.50, Charollais; Tippithill £104.50.

Cast Rams; Texel; North Garngour £121.50, Blackface; Baddinsgill £78.50, Bluefaced; Cockridge £113.50, Midlock £112.50.