Thu 28 September [Poultry Sale]

Poultry Sale

Sale Date: Thu 28 September

Lawrie and Symington Ltd


Thursday 28th September


Lawrie and Symington had forward 205 ring stock, 23 sundries, 364 cages and 61 pigs, goats and sheep forward at their sale on Thursday 28th September.


Top price of the day was £132 for a registered Zwarble Ewe lamb from Pringle, Archakores.


Other top prices include:


£92 Black Rock Pullets -  Drummullan Farm

£90 Pair of Indian Peacocks

£85 10 x Bluebell Pullets – Drummullan Farm

£85 Parakeet and cage – Pedley, High Blantyre

£80 10 x Rhode Island Red Pullets – Drummullan Farm

£60 Nanny Goat Kid – Henderson, Rockbank


The final sale of 2017 is on Thursday 30th November.