Mon 7 August [Monday 7th August 2017 Young...]

Monday 7th August 2017 Young Handlers

Sale Date: Mon 7 August

wrie & Symington Ltd Annual Show & Sale for young handlers Prime Lambs

 Monday 07th August 2017


Lawrie and Symington held their annual Show and Sale for Young Handlers Prime Lambs, with 22 lambs forward the judge Lance Armstrong awarded the Championship to John Paterson, Oxenshaw, Mauchline for a Texel x scaling 44kg which realised £120 to Robert Lawson, Eastmains. The Reserve from David Murray, Calton wasa 43kg Beltex which sold for £108 also to Robert Lawson.

Prize List

Class 1 (4-7yr old) 1st Alexander Mitchell, Fowler 43kg £105, 2nd Lucy Mclaren, Howford 40kg £90, 3rd Cameron Boyd, Dechmont, 42kg £100.

Class 2 (8-10yr old) 1st Robbie Mitchell, Fowler 47kg £106, 2nd Glen Paterson, Oxenshaw 47kg £110, 3rd Ben Graham, Greenshields 44kg £110

Class 3 (11-12 yr old) 1st & Champion John Paterson, Oxenshaw 44kg £120, 2nd Lucy Graham, Greenshields 47kg £110, 3rd John Mitchell, Fowler 45kgs £105

Class 4 (13-16yrs old) 1st & Reserve David Murray, Calton 43kg £108, 2nd Hazel Parlett, Forrestfield 36kg £76, 3rd Nicky Dall, Hillhouse 44kg £90.