Mon 2 March [Monday 2nd March 2015 Lanark...]

Monday 2nd March 2015 Lanark Primestock Sale Full Report

Sale Date: Mon 2 March

Lawrie and Symington sold 10 Dairy Cattle, 53 Prime Cattle and 92 Cast cows at their weekly sale on 2nd march 2015.

A top price of 250p was realised for a 610kg British Blue Heifer from David Dickinson Broockwoodlees Canonbie and purchased by Hugh Black Butchers Lanark/Carluke. Butcher cattle sold to average 240.5p per kilo. Limousin Bullocks Heatheryhall 240p Under Shieldhill 221p Westtown 203.5p Muldron 199.5p GA- Mid Shawtonhill 197p AA High Brockwoodyards 204p Friesian Hill 152.5p Boghall 151.5p High Blackwoodyards 149p Westtown 143.5p Muldron 142.5p Ayrs Craigends 157p Limousin Heifers (Heavy) Brockwoodlees 249p Howburn 247p Hillend 244p Heatheryhall 243p Under Shieldhill 229p Castlehill 229p (Light) Brockwoodlees 249p Castlehill 243p Howburn 236p Hillend 233p Westtown 204p British Blue Brockwoodlees 250p Friesian Thinacre 166.5p Bengal 151p Meadowbank 139p

Young Bulls British Blue Carlindean 159p Friesian Hallhill 152p Ayrshire Northflatt 146.5p


Forward were 92 Cast cows once again all classes dearer on the week however a lot more cattle still required to fulfil demand. 32 Beef Cows Av 135.1p per kilo selling to £1375 from Clark Farms Blackhill 60 Dairy Cows Av 109.9p per Kilo Selling to £1105 from Messrs Marshall Haggs Farm Strathaven.

Beef Cows Per Head                                     

£1375 Blackhill

£1185 Auchenhard

£1125 Townhead

£1085 East Forth


Beef Cows per Kilo

165p Whitecraigs

161p Blackhill

160p East Forth

153p Law

145p Townhead

144p Auchenhard

Dairy Cows Per Head

£1105 Haggs

£1075 Bengall

£1025 Shotlinn

£1005 Greentowers

£985 Fernieshaw

£985 Blyth Bridge

£945 Rosenheath

Dairy Cows Per Kilo

151p & 129p Bengall

130p Shotlinn

125p Hagg

122p Greentowes

122p Carlindean

120p Fernieshaw

120p Mollinhillhead

Good show forward all selling well where many more could have been sold to an advantage

Dairy Cattle (10) averaged £1411.10 a fall of £11.90 on the fortnight Top price was £1720 for a Holstein Hfr from Byretown

Hfrs in milk £1720 Byretown (Hf) £1580 Muirsland (ped Hol) £1580 Roseneath (HF) £1520 Auchmeddan (BF) £1400 Muirsland (Hol) £1400 Roseneath £1250 Crookedstonemuir

Calves (5) Bull- BBx £500 Archlands SHOx £455 Archlands Hol £160 & £140 Eastertown £135 Muirhouse

Hoggets (1994) averaged 192.3p per kg and sold to 219.7p per kg for 38kg Beltex from BW & J Orr Dykehead Chapelton and to £103.5 for 50kg Beltex from A.M Hope Nether Skellyhill Lesmahagow.

1994 Prime hoggets averaged 192.3p

156 Light Hgts (25-32kgs) av 179ppk top 201.6ppk for a Texel from the Firm of Carlinside, Lanark.


Texel- £64.50 Carlinside £64.50 Quarter

S Mule £59.50 Longlea

Blackface £59.50 Parkhall £56 Netherwood £54.50 Toxside £54 Birthwood


430 Medium Hgts (32.1-39kgs) averaged 192.6ppk top 219.7ppk for Beltex from BW & J Orr Dykehead Chapelton

Texel- £81 Castlebrocket £79.50 Carlinside £79.50 Eastlaw £79 Eastertown

Beltex- £83.50 Dykehead £80 & £77 Dovecot £77.50 Weston

Suffolks £70.50 Yonderton

Cheviot £69 Skirling Mains

S. Mule- £74 Broughton Place

Blackface £75 Dreva £73 Skirling Mains £72.50 Auldhouseburn  £72 Heatheryhall £72 Toxside


1160 Standard hgts (39.1-45kgs) averaged 197.1ppk- Top 215.9ppk for Texel from BW & J Orr Dykehead Chapelton

Texel £94 Burnhead £93.50 Nether Skellyhill £92.50 Blackbog

Beltex £92.50 Dykehead £92 Yardbent £91.50 Orchardton £90 Balleny

Suffolks £89.50 Mount Lothian £87 Netherurd Mains £87 Burnbrae

Cheviots £88 Horseclose £85.50 Baleny

Charollais £82.50 Dykehold £80 East Crookedstone

S Mule £76.50 Burnetland

Blackface £85 Auldhouseburn £84, £79 & £77 Spango £82 Skirling Mains £78 Shawhead


194 Heavy Hgts (45.1-52kgs) averaged 184ppk- Top 207ppk for Beltex fromA, M Hope Nether Skellyhill Lesmahagow

Texel  £98.50 Nether Skellyhill £96.50 Yardbent £95.50 North Boig £95 Baleny

Beltex £103.50 Nether Skellyhill £95.50 Baleny £94 Collielaw

Suffolks £88.50 Netherurd Mains £88.50 Mount Lothian

Cheviot £91.50 Horseclose £89.50 Baleny

S. Mule £86 Gascoigne

Blackface £85.50 Burnshott


54 Super Hgts (52.1 +kgs) averaged 165.7ppk top 183ppk for Texel From Firm of A.M Hope Nether Skellyhill Lesmahagow

Texel ££97 Nether Skellyhill £97 Millands £96.50 Yonderton £96.50 Toxside

Suffolks £95 Toxside £94.50 Mount Lothian

Blackface £93.50 Mitchehill

Hampshire  £92.50 Gascoigne


430 Cast Ewes dearer on the week Averaging £80.79

Cast Ewes:

Texel- Boyleston £156.50 & £146.50 Dechmont £154.50 High Crewburn £147.50 Chesterhall Parks £145.50

Suffolks Woodhouse £116.50 Dunsyre Mains £108.50

Greyface Gascoigne £109.50 High East Quarter £104.50

Blackface Skirling Mains £91.50 Gryfeside £88.50

Cheviot  Thripland £118.50 Hillend £101.50


Cast Rams

Suffolk Dreva £147.50

Blackface Hundleshope £94.50

Cheviot Auchencorth £89.50