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Lanark Tuesday 12th August Store Sale Report

Sale Date: Tue 12 August

Store Sale Report – 12th August 2014


Lanark, Lawrie & Symington sold 92 Store Cattle at their fortnightly sale on Tuesday 12th August 2014.

Bullocks; (42) averaged 203.4p to 225.6p per kg for a pen of 390kg (SMx) from R & M Walker, Hills of Dalserf Farm, Ashgill  and £1255 gross for a 582kg (Lim x) from Ian Tennant, Oldhill Farm, Carluke.


Heifers; (38) averaged 199.1p to 231.2p per kg for a pen of 452kg (Limx) from W & P Frame, Haspielaw Farm, Hamilton and £1060 gross for a 502kg (Limx) from P Smith & Son, Cloverhill Farm, Broughton.


Dairy Bred; (12) averaged 166.4p to 189 per kg for a pen of 360kg (NRx) from N & E Watson, Midhill Farm, Elsrickle and £1095 gross for a 640kg (NRx) from Mr J Dick, Mid Auchengray Farm, Auchengray.


Leading Prices Per Head and Per Kg;


251-300kg Lower Muirhouse 198p, £595

351-400kg Hills of Dalserf 225.6p, £880

401-450kg Craighead 212.6p, £880 Strawfrank £880

451-500kg Over Quarter 223p, £1070 West Polquhirter £1070

501-550kg Over Quarter 220p, £1165

551-600kg Oldhill 216p, £1255

601-650kg Mid Auchengray 182p, £1100



251-300kg Ampherlaw 218p, £610

351-400kg Stonebyres 212p, £780

401-450kg Stonebyres 219p, £950

451-500kg Haspielaw 231.2p, £1045

501-550kg Cloverhill 211.2p, £1060


Lawrie & Symington had forward 541 Store Lambs at their opening sale of the season selling well to average £58.43 topping the sale today was an outstanding pen of 20 Texel Lambs from Mr WJ McCornick, Gair, Carluke at £68.80.


Texels – Gair £68.80 - £63.20 Ampherlaw £58


Beltex – Kinnox £63.20 & £60.50


Char – Hill £65.50 & £57.50


Suffolks – Burnton £62, £61.50 & £60