Thu 16 October [LANARK RAM LAMB SALE 2014]


Sale Date: Thu 16 October


Report courtesy of The Scottish Farmer

Averages: 200 ram lambs, £4339.00 (+£227.10 for 16 more sold).

Breed records were smashed at the annual two-day sale of Blackface rams at Lanark, last week, when a lamb from Alastair MacArthur and son Davids 1600-ewe flock from Nunnerie, Elvanfoot, sold for a whopping £100,000. 
Eclipsing the previous best of £90,000 was the pen leader purchased by Willie Dunlop and sons, Quintin and William, Elmscleugh, Innerwick, Dunbar. 
Hes the best lamb Ive seen in recent years. Hes got the size, shape and the character and hes a new bloodline for the flock, said Mr Dunlop, who last year sold the dearest at £68,000. 
Backing his decision, Mr Dunlop said he invested in this big lamb to improve the quality of his breeding stock and future rams sold. He also pointed out that the best breeding rams can be profitable for their purchasers with the £68,000 Elmscleugh sold last year being a prime example. This tup, which sold to six different breeders, bred a £24,000 lamb at Newton Stewart; an £11,000 lamb at Stirling; two £15,000 and a £13,000 lamb at Lanark, along with numerous other four figure sales for his purchasers. 
The genetics behind the new record breaker, later named Centurion, have also been highly sought after with the sire, a £50,000 Dalwyne bought last year in partnership with three other flocks, having bred a £16,000 sale at Dalmally for Nunnerie. In fact, this lamb is from the same flush as the £16,000 lamb, being out of this years first prize ewe at the Highland, a daughter of the £20,000 Midlock lamb, which also stood inter-breed champion at Biggar and first at Abington and Muirkirk, last year. Second last bidders were Midlock, Allanfauld, Dyke and Harestone. 
Adding to some colossal celebrations, Nunnerie, whose previous best was £60,000 for a lamb, then received £25,000 for a full ET brother to the record breaker from a consortium of three Northern Ireland breeders  John and Charlie Harkin, Loughash; Brian Devine and Damian McSwiggan, Gortin. 
A further 21 lots attracted prices at £10,000 and above, making it an amazing sale from start to finish. 
It has been a fantastic sale with a huge number of breeders from throughout the whole of the UK complete with new and young breeders, all willing to invest in the breed. It has been an unbelievable day  the Blackface ewe has proved she is queen of the hills, said a delighted breed president, John Hamilton. 
It was also a great day for Billy Renwick, sons Andrew and Steven and daughter Nicola, Blackhouse, Yarrow, when their popular lamb made £90,000 to Nunnerie; John Murray, Crossflat; and Hugh and Alan Blackwood, Auldhouseburn, both Muirkirk. Surpassing their previous best of £26,000, was a son of the £28,000 Dalchirla lamb bought last year, out of a ewe by an £8000 Crossflat. 
Next in the bidding stakes, at £34,000, was the second lamb from John and Charlie Harkin, Loughash. A son of the £40,000 Loughash lamb sold last year, this youngster, out of a ewe by the £60,000 Dalwyne Buffalo, was knocked down to John and Iain Finlay, Blackcraig, Corsock; Andrew Kay and sons Robert and Andrew, Gass, Straiton; and Nunnerie. 
Loughash, who sold eight lambs to average £8900, also received £15,000 for their fifth lamb, a son of the £24,000 Elmscleugh lamb bought here in 2012, out of a ewe by a £3500 Elmscleugh. He heads back across the water to Northern Ireland with Brian Devine and Damian McSwiggan, Gortin. 
The exact same £24,000 Elmscleugh lamb was behind the dearest from Jimmy and Donald MacGregors Dyke pen from Milton of Campsie, at £28,000. This was the number three lamb and a full brother to the £8000 shearling sold the previous day, being out of a ewe by home-bred son of Travis. 
He was purchased by Ian Bond, Glen, Gatehouse; Drannandow Farms, Minnigaff, Newton Stewart; Lamont and Danny Hair, Drumbreddan, Ardwall, Stranraer; and Ewen McMillan, Traquair Hill, Innerleithen, Peebles. 
Dyke sold another two lambs at five figures with their pen of seven averaging £10,193. Next best, at £20,000, was their number two lamb which also goes back to the £24,000 tup. The sire is Starbuck  a home-bred son of the £24,000 Elmscleugh retained for breeding  out of a ewe by Elmscleughs Private Eye. He sold four ways to Allanfauld, Parkhall, Hartside, and, Aitkengall. 
And, at £11,000, Dyke sold a son of the £25,000 Crossflat lamb bought last year to Sanny Blackwood, Greenside; Jim Blackwood, Dalblair; Jim Boswell, Burnhead, Darvel; and Jamie and Matthew Dunlop, Upper Wellwood. Placed second in his class at the Highland, he is out of a ewe by a £14,000 Elmscleugh. 
Jimmys brother, Archie MacGregor and son John, were also in the money, with ram lamb sales at £20,000 and £17,000. Doing the business again for them were sons of the £60,000 Dalchirla lamb bought two years ago. Dearest was their number four lamb, out of a ewe by Drumgrange Mad Max, which sold to John Marshall, Gosland, Broughton, Biggar, and Willie and Billy Graham, Craigdarroch, Sanquhar. 
The £17,000 lamb was out of a similarly bred ewe and goes out to work at Hartside, Biggar, and Alan Smith, Crosswoodburn, West Calder. 
Hitting the headlines early on in the day, Davie and Jock Jacksons pen leader from Pole, Lochgoilhead, made £18,000 to Dyke and John and Ian Campbell, Glenrath, Peebles, with Pole retaining an equal share. Their best, a lamb that stood second in his class at Cowal and Dalmally shows, is a son of a £5200 Allanfauld out of their show ewe that collected a red rosette at Dalmally, by a £10,000 Nunnerie. 
Tup lambs from Allan Wight, son Allan and his son Ben, Midlock, Crawford, again proved popular, with sales at £15,000 twice and another at £13,000. Notably, all were sons of the £68,000 Elmscleugh lamb, with the number two lamb, out of a ewe by a home-bred son of £90,000 Dalchirla, making £13,000 to Jim Mitchell, Little Larg, New Luce and Willie Stevenson, Balrazzie, Barr. 
Their next lamb then made £15,000 to Blackhouse, Dyke, and Angus Kennedy and son Angus, Mitchellhill, Broughton, Biggar. His mother is by Midlock Strongbow. 
The same genetics were behind another purchased by Ewen Macmillan, Lurg, Fintry, for £15,000. 
John Campbell and son Colin, Easter Happrew, Peebles, sold two lambs by the £50,000 Crossflat bought last year, bred from £65,000 Auldhouseburn daughters, at £16,000 and £11,000. 
Tops from this 800-ewe flock sold to Hugh and Alan Blackwood, Auldhouseburn, Muirkirk, while, Jimmy and George Irving, Mount Benger, Yarrow; Alan McClymont, Kirkstead, Yarrow and Allan Rogerson who manages Burncastle Farms at Lauder, bought the £11,000 lamb. 
On the other side of the equation, Auldhouseburn, sold a half share of their £15,000 pen leader to Jim and Eoin Blackwood, Dalblair, with the remaining share being retained. He is by the Bolt and out of a ewe by a £20,000 Auldhouseburn. 
John Murray, Crossflat, received £11,000 and £10,000. Tops here was a full brother to last years £25,000 Crossflat, a son of McCoy  a home-bred son of the £30,000 Aitkenhead  out of the flocks show ewe by a £26,000 Crossflat, purchased by Gavin Campbell and his daughter Susan, Larg, Creetown, Newton Stewart. 
Elmscleugh and Richard Carruthers, Dalveen, Thornhill, bought the £10,000 Crossflat lamb, by Shotgun  a different son of the £24,000 Elmscleugh  out of a £27,000 Auldhouseburn-sired ewe. 
Sanny Blackwood, Greenside, sold one for £11,000 to Midlock, Nunnerie, Dyke and Glenrath. The breeding behind this one includes The Hustler  a home-bred son of a £4800 Dalchirla  onto a ewe by an £8000 Dyke. 
Two other lambs sold for £10,000 to include David Morrisons show lamb from Dalwyne, Barr, purchased by Gass and Sheila and Jack Kay, Hartside, Oxton, Lauder. This was an ET lamb bred from Mr Morrisons Dalwyne Buffalo-sired show ewe and by the £50,000 Dalwyne. 
Later, Stuart Heads, Aitkenhead, Fenwick, received the same money from Andrew Walker, Crammie, Glenprosen; Jim Fairlie, Kindrum Park, Logiealmond; North Amulree, Dunkeld, managed by Billy Brady; David Murray, Lurgan, Aberfeldy and Hunter Smith, Wiley Sike, Brampton, Carlisle. Their lamb, the number two from the pen, is by Islay Mist  a home-bred son of £30,000 Aitkenhead  and is out of a ewe by a £7500 Dalchirla.

£9000  Crossflat, by Crossflat McCoy, to J Cullens, Dollarbank, Dollar 
£8000  Dyke, by Starbuck, to Elmscleugh; A Woodburn, Netherwood, by a £10,000 Dalchirla, to Elmscleugh; Loughash, by a £40,000 Loughash, to Pole and J Macpherson, Balliemeanoch, Dalmally; Nunnerie, by £68,000 Elmscleugh, to T Renwick, Williamhope, Clovenfords; Williamhope, by a £13,000 Blackhouse, to D and S Kay, Hartside, Lauder and Blackhouse. £7500  Allanfauld, by a £1000 Crossflat, to J Pirie, Blarnavaid, Drymen; Hartside, Lammermuir, by a £28,000 Dalchirla, to J Hamilton, Aitkengall, Innerwick, and S McClymont and Sons, Tinnis, Yarrow. 
£7000  Midlock, by £50,000 Dalwyne, to Nunnerie, Dalchirla,Harestone, and Midlock; Elmscleugh, by a £24,000 Dalchirla, to Loughash and B Devine, Northern Ireland; M McCall Smith, Connachan, Crieff, by a £1600 Dalchirla, to M Wood, Shawesknowe, and J Carruthers, Silloans, Rochester. £6500  Aitkenhead, by Islay Mist, to C Philips, Finglen, Draperstown, Northern Ireland. 
£6000  B Wight, Midlock, by £50,000 Dalwyne, to Castles Farm, Dalmally; Aitkenhead, by Islay Mist, to I and D MacArthur, Arnicle, Glenbarr, and Aitkenhead. £5500  Dalwyne, by £50,000 Dalwyne, to Loughash; Gass, by a £12,000 Crossflat, to Dalwyne and Crammie 
£5500 - G Jackson, Blackburnhope, by a £5200 Allanfauld, to Allanfauld and Harestone. 
£5000  Midlock, by £50,000 Dalwyne, to A Paton, Craig, Straiton; Elmscleugh, by a £4600 Greenside, to Burncastle Farming Co, Lauder; Elmscleugh, by a £4600 Greenside, to Wiley Sike and Greenside; Loughash, by a £32,000 Pole, to Burncastle Farming Co; Nunnerie, by £50,000 Dalwyne, to A Hunter, Glenarm, Northern Ireland. £4800  Elmscleugh, by a £24,000 Dalchirla, to D Henderson, Sweetshawhead; Elmscleugh, by a £24,000 Dalchirla, to G McIlwrick, Balmurrie, New Luce.

Top (£) 2014 (£) 2013 (£)

Shawsknowe (3) 800 440 333 
High Leam (3) 1300 566.66 
Dyke (7) 28,000 10,192.85 1370 
Knock ORonald (3) 3500 1410 
Upper Wellwood (4) 1800 845 1370 
Outerwards (3) 2200 1133.33 450 
Dalwyne (5) 10,000 3640 17,200 
Midlock (8) 15,000 8150 5350 
Aitkenhead (6) 10,000 4333.33 887
Loughash (8) 34,000 8900 2,171 
Crossflat (6) 11,000 6000 21,767 
Jaw (4) 1100 650 667 
Dalblair (3) 3500 1550 1633 
Traquair Hill (3) 3400 1533.33 
Elmscleugh (7) 7000 4228.57 16,993 
Mitchellhill (3) 3400 1933.33 1467 
Netherwood (3) 8000 3300 
Nunnerie (5) 100,000 28,400 5550 
Burnhead, Darvel (4) 1300 570 623
Connachan (5) 7000 2460 5857 
Blackcraig (4) 3000 2175 5767 
Troloss (6) 2000 1183.33 825 
Tinnis (4) 3200 1325 1700 
Greenside (5) 11,000 3760 2188 
Allanfauld (7) 17,000 8285.71 3529 
Holylee (5) 4500 1440 
High Staward (5) 1700 670 
Gass (3) 5500 2533.33 5250 
Auldhouseburn (6) 15,000 4516.66 7733 
Blackhouse(5) 90,000 19,820 
Easter Happrew (5)16,000 6180 1513 
Williamhope(3) 8000 3016.66 647 
Craigview (3) 500 366.66 
Longcroft (3) 1000 666.66 533 
Upper Cleugh (3) 1900 1350 
Hartside, Lammermuir (3) 7500 4300 1167 
Blackburnhope (3) 5500 2533.33 460