Mon 24 November [Lanark Monday Primestock Sale...]

Lanark Monday Primestock Sale Report 24th November 2014

Sale Date: Mon 24 November

Monday Report 24th November 2014

Lawrie & Symington Ltd sold 6 Dairy Cattle, 39 Prime Cattle, 107 Cast Cows and 3194 Prime and Cast Sheep at their weekly sale on 24th November 2014.

Prime and Cast Sheep- New Season Lambs (2524) averaged 173.8p per kg and sold to 200p per kg for 35kg Beltex from J. D Cochrane, Dyke Darvel and to £87 gross for 45kg Texel from R. Reid, Bengal Lockerbie. (2524) Prime Lambs Average 173.9ppk 29 Light Lambs (25-32kgs) av 163.6ppk- Top 168.8ppk for a Texel from Ferniehaugh Farms. Texel 54 Ferniehaugh. 489 Medium Lambs (32.1-39kgs) av 175.5pph- Top 200 ppk for Beltex from J. D Cochrane, Dyke Darvel. Texel £72.50 Chesterhall Parks, £70 Blackburn, £69 Muirsland. Beltex £70 Dyke, £69.50 Eastlaw. Char £68 Normalgill, £67 Wellhead. S. Mule £69 Weston. £67.50 Burnbrae. Blackface £67 Scrogton, £66 Dalhanna, £63.50 Hillend.

1568 Standard Lambs (39.1-45kgs) av 176.8ppk- Top 194.3ppk for Beltex from R. Hamilton, Mid hawtonhill Chapelton. Texel £87 & £86 Bengal£85 Longfore, £82.50 Nether Hangingshaw £81.50 Castlebrocket. Beltex £85.50 & £82 Mid Shawtonhill, £80 Drumbuie. Suffolk £77 Wellheads, £76.50 High Cattadale, £76 High Parks. Char £77.50 Stramalloch, £76 Wellheads, £74.50 Blythe. S. Mule £71 Hillend, £71 Weston. Blackface £71 Nether Abington, £68.50 Lightshaw. 412 Heavy Lambs (45.1-52kgs) av 164.8ppk- Top 178.3ppk for Texel from R Reid Bengal Lockerbie. Texel 86 & £85.50 Wellhead, £86 Darnhall, £85 Laigh Tarbeg, £84 Hillend. Suffolk £83 Wellhead, £82 Hills of Dalserf £81.50 Mount Lothian. 26 Super Lambs (52.1kgs + kgs) av 149.4ppk- Top 162.3ppk for Suffolk from J. A Edgar Lammington Mains. Suffolk £86 Lammington Mains.

670 Cast Ewes & Rams av £62.77. Texel Nether Hangingshaw £130.50 & £122.50, Greenbank £130.50, Swaites £119.50 Mitchelhill £118.50. Suffolk Lawhead £93.50 Greyface Blythe £86.50, Bogside £84.50. Blackface Allanton £67.50, West Polquirter £62.50. Cheviot Glenbarr £83.50, Bengal £81.50, Beltex Harestonehill £89.50. Cast Rams Texel Boyleston £116.50. Beltex, Dyke £91.50, Bluefaced Liscleugh £96.50.  

Prime Cattle- A Top price of 256p was realised ffor a 504kg Limousin Heifer from David Dickinson, Brockwoolees Canonbie and Purchased by J&H Cairns Butchers, Law. Butchers cattle sold to average 237.1p

Limousin Bullocks (heavy) Canderside 229p Undershield 212.5p (light) Canderside 224p

BB Craigthornhill 207.5p, Fries Westtown 156.5p

Limousin Heifers (Heavy) Brockwoodlees 254p Oldhill 243p, Howburn 236p, Castlehill 227p, Undershieldhill 220p (Light) Brockwoodlees 256p, Howburn 242p, Oldhill 323p, Undershieldhill 220p, Castlehill 214p, Millmoor 210p, British Blue 247p Brockwoodlees.

Fries South Gilomourton 151p, Young Bulls Lim Waterlands 184p, Ayrs Whitecraigs 132p

Cast Cows- Beef (41) Averaged 113.1p and sold to 164.9p for a 464kg BSH Cow from W. Baird & Son Canderside Stonehouse. Dairy (65) averaged 90.2p and sold to 150.2p for a Friesian Cow from A Struthers Auchmeddan Lesmahagow. Leading Prices per Head (Beef) Muirburn (Lim) £1295, Corramore (Lim) £1075, Drochil Castle (AA) £1055, Eastfield ( CHX) £1035, East Millrigg (BB) £965, Dovecot (Lim) £935 (Dairy) Auchmeddan (BF) £835, Cauldcoats (HF) £815, West Tarbrax (HO) £815, East Tarbrax (HO) £775, West Binnie (HO) £755, Roadhead (HF) £775.

Leading Prices Per Kilo (Beef) Canderside (BSH) 164.9p, Muirburn (Lim)  163.1p, Corramore (Lim) 157.2p, Eastfield (CHX) 133.7p, Dovecot (Lim) 129.5p (Dairy) Auchmeddan (BF) 150.2p, Roadhead (HF) 123.4p, East Tarbrax (HO) 122p, Cauldcoats (HF) 121.3p